Game of Thrones recap: Eastwatch

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Last week’s episode left us with a cliffhanger … Will Jaime live or die? And because this show wastes no time doing anything except for prolonging the life of Petyr Baelish, why don’t we get right to it.

Are any reunions on this show happy? Photo courtesy of IMDB

In the opening scene, Jaime and Bronn emerge from the water on the Roseroad, gasping and exhausted. They’ve managed to survive both the Dothraki and a full-size dragon, but they have to head back to King’s Landing to face Cersei after the devastating loss, which is probably worse. Meanwhile, the rest of the Lannister men must decide whether to bend the knee or accept death. Randall Tarly and his son Dickon are the only two men who do not cower in fear of Drogon and are sentenced to death by dragon fire. Tyrion argues that it would be wiser to send them to the wall, but Daenerys keeps her word.

Up north, Littlefinger is still managing to cause problems. Knowing full well that Arya not only distrusts him, but is also keeping a very close eye on him, he purposely obtains the letter that Sansa wrote to Robb begging him to bend the knee to Joffrey. He plants it under his bed in his room for Arya to find, which leaves her to believe that perhaps Sansa likes running the castle a little more than she lets on.

In the Godswood, Bran sees that the Night King and his army are heading for Eastwatch, just as the Hound saw in his fire vision. He sends ravens to everyone in the kingdom.

Another moment lost because a man refused to listen to a woman. Figures. Photo courtesy of IMDB

One of these ravens is sent to Oldtown, where the Archmaesters debate its authenticity. Sam, overhearing the conversation, pleads with them to send help through what information they hold in their libraries, but they want more time to discuss and deliberate. While he waits for answers and actions, he’s back to reading and documenting. Gilly, who reads along side him, discovers some prominent information in which it’s documented that Rhaegar Targaryen had his first marriage annulled. This, we know, means that his union with Lyanna Stark was valid and that Jon Snow is the true heir to the throne. Unfortunately, Sam misses this information entirely because he’s too busy whining and we all know that things happen on this show like they happen in a Shakespeare play, painstakingly right in front of you where you’re not able to do anything about it and you have to watch and watch and watch your characters talk in circles and around each other and maybe there are twins you confuse for each other or fairies in the woods causing trouble, but it’ll all work out in the end right? 

On the maybe bright side, Sam grows tired of waiting, packs up a number of stolen books, Gilly and their baby and leaves the Citadel.

On Dragonstone, Daenerys and Drogon return from her Roseroad conquest and just to continue the Shakespearean torture, Drogon and Jon have a beautiful moment just like when you lock eyes with every single dog in the shelter except better because it’s a dragon and the dragon totally knows more than all of us.

There’s a lot going on at Dragonstone. Jorah arrives to Daenerys’ delight, but they also receive Bran’s raven. Jon decides he must go to the Wall to fight, but Daenerys believes that abandoning her present conflicts with Cersei will lose her the Iron Throne. Jon suggests capturing a wight from the wall to bring to Cersei as proof of the battles ahead so that they may agree on a temporary armistice. Jon leaves with Jorah, Davos and the newly arrived (!!!!) Gendry, who’s openess about his parentage could also add some fun to the heir mix.

At King’s Landing, Jaime returns to a surprise meeting with Tyrion, who begs him to convince Cersei that an audience with Jon and Daenerys is necessary for everyone’s survival. Jaime relays the message to Cersei, along with news of Olenna’s final words, and she is surprisingly open to the idea of an armistice – something that might be beneficial to their current stance which is mainly lacking three dragons. She states that they’ll be able to defeat any army and announces to Jaime that she’s pregnant and wants to acknowledge him as the father publicly.

This is a confusing moment as the prophecy stated that Cersei would only bare three children. So, is she lying? Or will she die pregnant? Cersei is no fool and can surely feel Jaime slipping away from her as he slowly becomes more aware of how devoid of morality and solely focused on her throne she is. But, we see a change in Jaime’s expression. Does he expect that she could be lying? Regardless, this seems like it could be the starting point of Cersei meeting her maker through the hands of her “valonqar.”

Everything’s fine. Photo courtesy of IMDB

We end at Eastwatch. Jon, Davos and Gendry have arrived to meet Tormund and the rest of the wildlings who have been holding down the fortress. They are also pleased to find help in Beric, Thoros and the Hound, who have been imprisoned by Tormund. Together, they agree to leave the wall to find a wight with Davos thankfully staying behind. He’s been through too much for us to lose him.

It’s hopeful that they’ll be able to come back with some proof of the dead army, but will they be able come back with everyone they left with? That would seem too good to be true. We have a number of people going up against a full army of the dead that we can’t afford to lose. Let us pray.



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