Some things we found out about ‘Destiny 2’ and one thing on my wishlist

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Today, in the far-off land of Los Angeles, Bungie gave us all a look at the upcoming Destiny 2 that will be hitting physical and digital shelves on September 6.

According to the president of Bungie, Luke Smith, the beginning of Destiny 2 will be a new beginning for the series, which basically translates to “You’re going to lose all of your awesome loot that you worked really hard to get. Sorry ’bout it.”

But hey, at least we get to keep our characters? Cool, Bungie.

Destiny 2 will be a new beginning for the series. Image courtesy of Bungie.

This definitely makes sense for the game, however, because, as has been showcased in the few trailers that have been released and the gameplay that was showcased at the event today, it really is a new beginning.

The story of Destiny 2, as we know it, is that the Cabal (Metal Space Marines) has attacked the Tower  (Expensive Apartment) and somehow cut off the Guardians’ connection to The Traveler (Giant Sphere That Spawns Peter Dinklage Robots). The Guardians will have to band together and try to take back that expensive apartment from the metal space marines. Hijinks will definitely ensue, most likely led by Cayde-6 (Mel from Firefly, but he’s a robot too).

Crucible matches will now be 4v4 as opposed to Destiny’s 6v6 matches. Trials, raids and the Nightfall will now be open to all players regardless of having a strike team, and the game will have a system called Guided Games that will allow clans and strike teams to guide lone players through raids.

The clan system is going to be bigger as well, with rosters and banners and a bunch of other ways to show off that you belong to a group of kick ass players.

The game will launch with new strikes, PVP modes and a single raid. It’s safe to assume more will eventually reach the game through DLC.

In terms of other content, the weapons system will be upgraded slightly. Characters will still have three weapons slots but instead of the traditional Primary, Secondary and Heavy, the slots will now be Kinetic, Energy and Power (totally going to let slide the fact that these all mean basically the same thing).

Destiny 2 will be released September 8. Image courtesy of Bungie.

The game will maintain the three main classes of Titan, Hunter and Warlock but new sub-classes will include Dawnblade (Warlock), Sentinel (Titan) and Arcstrider (Hunter). The gameplay trailer shows these sub-classes off a little, including their Supers, which were pretty badass.

In terms of gameplay, the mission that Bungie focused on, “Homecoming,” looked a lot like the original Destiny with Guardians fighting unending waves of enemies. The main difference between the original game and Destiny 2 gameplay was that looks freaking amazing. I would expect nothing less with Bungie announcing that the game will be hitting Xbox One and PS4 at 30 fps.

The PC version of the game will be hosted on the app formerly known as but now simply called Blizzard. This allows Activision Blizzard, the parent company of Destiny 2’s publisher, to keep the 30% many digital retailers take for every purchase made using their platform (cough Steam).

The game will no longer force you into orbit when you launch new activities, and instead of wandering the map like a lost puppy doing patrol missions, there will be treasure hunts, activities and dungeons for players to explore.

Players will also be visiting three new planets: Titan, Io, and Nessus, as well as a new area called the European Dead Zone.

My main wish for the game is that Bungie learns from its mistakes and gets rid of Grimoire cards completely, instead integrating story into the game much like it did with The Taken King DLC. The reliance on the Grimoire cards when Destiny first came out is one of the main reasons it stumbled, and eradicating that feature would be a step toward getting past a Destiny 1.5 feel. Including an integrated story will keep players invested in the universe and help the game make sense to newcomers who haven’t played Destiny.

Check out the event and the first mission in the video below!

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Correction: An earlier version of this story had the launch date of the game as September 8.


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