Netflix releases first look at upcoming Castlevania series

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Hey, did you know Netflix is coming out with a Castlevania series? Well, you do now and Netflix gave us a trailer today to boot.

According to i09, the announcement of the series came in February during an event where Netflix talked about upcoming programming.

Art for the original Castlevania game, released in 1986. Image courtesy of IndieWire.

“Castlevania Season 1, Part 1 Coming to Netflix in 2017,” was the only line about the show buried in a press release. No further details were given at the time of the press release’s publication.

The show is being produced by Adi Shankar, best known for his fan films such as that gritty Power Rangers reboot that swept the internet in 2015, Power/Rangers. The series will consist of four, 30-minute episodes, which will be written by comic book writer Warren Ellis, the man behind the early 2000s comic series Transmetropolitan and most recently Trees.

Animation for the video series will be done by Frederator Networks, who are behind Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors.

Castlevania is based on the series of dark fantasy, action-adventure games of the same name. The series was created and developed by Konami and centers on the Belmont family, a clan of vampires hunters, and their struggle to defeat Dracula. The Netflix series will star Simon Belmont, who was the protagonist of Castlevania and Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest for the NES. Simon is the most recognizable character in the Castlevania series and has appeared in many other Castlevania games as well as other titles released by Konami.

The trailer shows off an incredibly dark, Gothic anime that plays off the style of the games and brings plenty of action that will capture the Belmont’s fight against the most famous vampire of them all.

Netflix recently announced that it will be making another series based off of a video game, The Witcher, as well.

The Castlevania series will hit Netflix on July 7, which will be perfect timing for anyone looking to beat the summer heat with a dark, cool binge watching session.


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