Shondaland TGIT roundup: Week 15

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Grey’s Anatomy

Week 15’s episode, “Civil War,” feels less like a battle and more like an “oh my God, is this ever going to end.”

As we all know, things are never solved quickly in the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital world – unless it’s an organ bursting. This episode revolves around conflict, what else is there really? and lots of it.

On one side of the hospital, we have the two quarreling couples – Momma Avery and Webber, and Kepner and Avery. They are to work together on a patient whose potential son-in-law has accidentally burned him with a faulty deep fryer. As the family of the father argue with the poor man outside, the two couples battle it out across the OR table.

A room full of issues. Photo courtesy of Twitter

Webber has been sleeping at the hospital and after pleas for him to return home, he finally tells Momma Avery how betrayed he’s feeling. Meanwhile, the younger Avery is still out of sorts with Kepner’s selfish behavior and abandonment of the cause for his mother, of all people. Though the patient is alright – and hey, even the son forgives his boyfriend for the incident – the two couples don’t find any solutions in sight. In fact, when Momma Avery offers Kepner the chance to work on cases in Avery Foundations across the country, the younger Avery picks one up on his own as well.

Meanwhile, we have some trouble between Karev and Riggs. The two men, along with DeLuca – whom Alex is now “cool” with, are put on a case where a baby has been born with a severe heart problem. Karev suggests one solution, but Riggs thinks the baby will best survive with a heart transplant. Karev thinks a life of medication is not necessary for the poor baby, but Riggs takes things into his own hands and has DeLuca put in the name for UNOS. DeLuca is unsure of his position in the mess. While they figure out surgeries, both Maggie and Grey step in to calm the men down, but this leaves Riggs demanding some clear answers on the sexual tension with Grey.

This is why we lock doors. Photo courtesy of Twitter

The conflict reaches the tipping point towards the end of the episode when Webber readies himself to take Robbins up on an offer to stay at her house. Of course, he walks in to see her kissing Minnick.

Ah, the joys of Thursday night Shonda Rhimes television!

Next week: Young Avery visits his father (?!)


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