Shondaland TGIT roundup: Week 14

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Grey’s Anatomy

Week 14 kicks off with “Back Where You Belong,” a nod to a number of characters who are hoping to make things right in this episode, for better or for worse.

First up is Karev. It’s his first day back on the job. However, the first day isn’t all it’s knocked up to be when he realizes the continuing phase two means he’ll only be supervising in the OR. Today’s assignment: a kidney transplant from a mother to her 16-year-old son. Warren will retrieve the donor kidney with supervision from Webber and Edwards and Wilson will place it with supervision from Karev.

Things go awry, however, when the child’s father shows up. Wilson brings him in, but, unbeknownst to the team, the mother and son left him over a year ago after a number of domestic violence incidents. Wilson has Owen kick the father out of the hospital while the rest of the team tries to calm the mother down. As things continue to be on edge, Bailey leaves and puts Kepner in charge.

Wilson tells it how it is. Photo courtesy of Twitter

Things grow worse when, while in surgery, the mother’s blood pressure sky rockets and they realize she only has one kidney, and is therefore unable able to donate without going on dialysis permanently until another one is available for her. The final decision is up to Kepner. The father, who has somehow made it back in to the hospital, offers to donate. When he’s a match, they feel they have to accept it. Wilson tells him that if he really loves his family, he’ll donate anonymously and never speak to them again. He seemingly agrees and the transplant is a success.

On the other side of the hospital, DeLuca and Riggs take care of a very distressed, confused and seemingly lost woman. Maggie joins them to help replace her pacemaker. The girl’s parents, now divorced, arrive at the hospital. They tell the staff that she disappeared from college 12 years ago. They’d done massive searches for her, but never found her. They didn’t think she was alive. In fact, they’d held a funeral for her.

The woman is diagnosed with schizophrenia and given medication, but her parents see her at her worst before that. When they return for a second visit, the woman is able to identify her parents and allows them to sit with her.

This is the Bailey we know and love. Photo courtesy of Twitter

Outside the hospital, Bailey visits Grey to work out their differences. Bailey tells Grey that she’s supposed to be her right hand, but Grey argues she can’t if she’s not allowed to give dissenting opinions. Bailey offers to lift the suspension if Grey is ready to come back and let Minnick do her job, but Grey refuses.

When Bailey returns, she tells Webber what happened and he goes to see Grey. She tells him that she’s supposed to do better than her mother would have. He disagrees and tells her to go get her job back. She calls Bailey.

At the end of the day, Minnick and Robbins discuss the earlier happenings. Robbins unloads her feelings that she can’t keep up playing both sides because if Minnick tried, she would be liked by the staff. Minnick then kisses her.

Elsewhere, Owen confronts Wilson about the day. She breaks down, something that probably should’ve happened weeks ago.

Finally, we end at Grey’s house. Maggie tells Grey that Riggs was really upset about how the parents of their patient gave up on looking for her. Grey suggests it relates back to his deceased fiancee and relates it back to Derek. Maggie suggests that Grey just gets him.

Tune in next week for Grey and Riggs maybe just getting each other.

How To Get Away With Murder

In this week’s two-hour season finale, entitled Wes, we learn a lot but mostly panic.

We start with a parallel scene, one half involving Connor on a very intense jog that almost leads to him jumping in front of a bus. The other is Annalise unraveling emotionally at a support group. She doesn’t want to discuss her problems, though she reveals a little bit, and then insists the group is useless with members who have been coming for decades still complaining about the same thing.

When Connor gets home to Oliver, he is told that Bonnie requests his presence at Annalise’s hearing the next day. Oliver suggests Connor should “tell them” something, but he doesn’t think they will believe him. At the hearing, Bonnie interrogates Atwood on moving the body and having it cremated, but Annalise is lowkey running the show. Atwood says she didn’t order the cremation.

After the trial, it’s announced that Charles Mahoney has been released from prison. They don’t plan to sue the state for the incorrect charges and imprisonment, but they do plan to keep working on the father’s unsolved murder. The group decides if they can pin Atwood down for interaction with the Mahoneys, everything will be solved. Nate gets Atwood’s Wi-Fi password and gives it to Keating for Oliver to hack. The rest of the K4 are in charge of looking into Annalise’s case to see what else was tampered with. They find that a phone number correlates with the night Wes died, the day the body moved and the day of the cremation. The number goes to a burner phone, but they elect not to call it just yet.

Obviously, throughout the day Connor has been acting weird. Michaela brings him into the bathroom to talk. She forces him to tell the group whatever he told Oliver and he admits that he might have killed Wes. We flashback and see him check his voicemail from Annalise on Thomas’ phone. He goes to the house and sees shattered glass and the basement door open. There he sees Wes passed out and the gasline cut. Wes didn’t have a pulse so he began to perform CPR, but felt a rib crack. He fears that this crack may have punctured a lung, and that’s why he died. Laurel tells him to kill himself, finding his story false.

Annalise brings Connor into a room so they can hash out their issues. She tells him she believes him, but that he has to do the same for her. Annalise tells the rest of the K4 that she believes and forgives him and that they have to work together.

In prison, Frank is offered a plea deal to snitch on Annalise, but he isn’t stupid. They tell him they’re going to blame Laurel because she was in the house too. He asks what they have on her, but they won’t tell him until he signs.

Elsewhere, Nate has been doing recon on Atwood. He breaks into her car and hot-wires it to find her recent GPS locations. He figures out that she’s been in New York’s financial district recently. The K4 have been unsuccessful in finding anything else. Asher urges them to call the burner number, but they don’t want to blow the only lead they might have early on. Connor suggests he go to court to tell them about the cracked rib since it wasn’t in the autopsy. Annalise suggests that Laurel take the story so that Connor doesn’t look guilty.

At court, Laurel tells Connor’s story from her point of view, but they accuse her of perjury and back up the claim it by bringing up the kidnapping she faked for her father. Without letting her explain, the judge dismisses their efforts and decides that Annalise will officially be going to trial.

After court, Atwood approaches Nate and he accuses her of being in cahoots with the Mahoneys but she pleads that she’s just trying to move on and salvage her career.

He was right in front of us the whole time. Photo courtesy of Twitter

After the proceedings, Connor goes to ask Denver for Wes’ immunity deal. He plans to tell the truth from his own point of view. Asher, knowing this won’t work, finally calls the burner phone and it ends up being Denver’s. Right at the moment Connor discovers this, Annalise has a light bulb moment and realizes it was Denver as well. We have a flashback in this moment to Nate leaving the house and telling him the police are going to show up but not to answer the door. The moment he leaves, Wes leaves Annalise a voicemail but is grabbed from behind by a gloved man.

Connor is now being held in a basement against his will by Denver, and no one can find him. Bonnie corners Denver at the office, but he walks away. Connor is given the immunity deal by Denver, but he thinks on it.

Heartbreaking. Photo courtesy of Twitter

Meanwhile, Annalise decides to meet with Mrs. Mahoney for lunch. She learns that Wes was not Wallace’s son, but Charles’. Annalise accuses her of killing her son, but she tells her that she’s got it all wrong. Annalise, however, reminds Mrs. Mahoney that she knew she had a flesh-and-blood grandson that she chose to ignore while she raised a racist, disgusting son. The lunch is uncomfortable and accusatory. In a saddening, but beautiful moment, Annalise leaves and goes to her burnt house to find the picture of her, Sam and the now dead baby.

We now go to Denver, in the car with the man who killed Wes and blew up the house. The man gives Denver Wes’ phone. He brings the phone to Connor and tells him that if he doesn’t sign the immunity deal, he’ll say they found the phone in his car. Denver gives him an ultimatum to sign the deal or be arrested by the end of the night. Denver then returns to the office and fires Nate after Nate accuses him of, you know, everything.

Connor, unsure of what to do next, tells them about Oliver’s copy of Annalise’s phone. They find Wes’ deleted voicemail, in which he takes the blame for Sam and Rebecca. Annalise then has an idea to frame Wes. Laurel is super not for this, but Annalise tells her to grow the hell up. Wes is dead, and it’s the only way for them to remain safe. Annalise goes to Denver and tells him whats on the phone. She claims that he showed aggression as a child and that he was suspected of stabbing his mother. She claims that he killed himself. As this happens, we see flashbacks of Wes being given chemical shots and being strangled by the man who gave Denver his phone.

Denver at first refuses to drop the charges, but she tells him that Connor found his burner phone and if he doesn’t let this go, she’ll find every transgression on his record and attack him “until his head is on a stick in front of the courthouse.”

He, unsurprisingly, agrees. He goes to the courthouse with the voicemail “Nate” gave him and says he cannot, in good conscience, continue with the trial. Frank and Connor are released, with Frank pledging his allegiance to Annalise.

These guys suck. Photo courtesy of Twitter

Elsewhere, Laurel is worried Annalise’s plan won’t work, so she drags Michaela and Asher to do recon on Charles Mahoney. Michaela flirts with him and he asks to take her home, but she panics. Laurel then tries to follow Charles with a gun, but is stopped by a friend — the man who killed Wes. He works for her father.

And we now know Wes’ death was ordered by Laurel’s father.

Counting down the days until season four.


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