Shondaland TGIT roundup: Week 13

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Grey’s Anatomy

Week 13’s episode is entitled “It Only Gets Much Worse,” which is an accurate summation of really any Shondaland programming.

Never thought we’d see the day. Photo courtesy of Twitter

And boy do we start off on the wrong foot with Kepner beginning her first day as the interim chief of general surgery. Now Kepner has come a long way in ditching the overbearing attitude, but this is a bit “two steps forward, four milliion steps back,” especially considering she was leading the pro-Webber charge. However, Bailey trusts her to get the job done.

Kepner isn’t the only problem, as Momma Avery returns to work, Webber is not excited to have her there. She tells Webber that she wanted the program fixed, not him. He doesn’t buy it.

According to Minnick, “phase two” of her program begins today, which means residents will do their own surgeries start to finish with the attendings there only for supervision and help if needed. She wants Warren to take Webber’s surgery, which is sure to go over well, and for Edwards to take another. Edwards’ initial patient passed away, so her and Minnick go to the pit to find one on intake. They take a boy with an inflamed gallbladder and gallstones from Murphy.

Kepner faces her first bout of resistance when she asks Webber to give Warren his surgery while he and Robbins are checking the board. At first, Webber says no, but April pleads with him. Robbins is openly disappointed in her. Her second comes when she takes over the case of a cancer patient that Grey and Maggie were working with. The patient is incredibly resistant to the idea of Kepner taking on her tumor removal that Grey diagnosed and meticulously prepared for.

When Kepner, Maggie and Wilson begin the surgery, Kepner is taking steps different from the plan that Maggie and Grey had prepared. While she argues that the steps she takes are more efficient, the patient goes into cardiac arrest and they have to close her up without removing the tumor. Maggie blames Kepner. Later, when they tell the patient what happened, she begins to code. Kepner realizes this maybe because of a bad staple on her part. While Maggie reprimands her as she calls for help, she kicks Maggie out. She ends up fixing the problem and removing the tumor without Maggie’s help, gaining the trust and admiration of the patient.

During Warren’s surgery, Bailey comes to observe, already putting them off to a rocky start. Warren does a great job, but his work is overshadowed by Bailey and Webber’s constant bickering. Warren doesn’t leave without making sure they know that.

Minnick has the plan, but Webber has the heart. Photo courtesy of Twitter

Heading to Edwards’ surgery, Robbins halts Minnick, furious. How could a resident be first on a pediatric case under the supervision of someone who works on athletes and old people? I think we all had the same question. Minnick allows Robbins to supervise as well, but she is not to help. Things, however, go awry when the child starts bleeding out. Robbins jumps in, but it’s not enough to save him. Minnick and Edwards are both understandably shaken. Robbins tells Minnick that her behavior is unacceptable until she realizes that this is the first child Minnick has ever lost. Regaining her typical nurturing voice, she tells Minnick that she needs to figure it out so that they can help Edwards figure it out. Edwards, however, goes to Webber, who helps her tell the family and assures her that it’ll be okay. A good point for Webber, but also for Minnick, who slowly is winning the pity of Robbins.

After all is said and done, Kepner and Avery meet in the daycare. Avery tells her that she made the wrong choice, but Kepner stands by the fact that she had a duty to the hospital. He brings up his mother and calls her an opportunist. Later, Momma Avery offers to take her to dinner after her long day. She’s had a rough day too, as Webber ends their evening by blaming her for losing the trust and friendship of Bailey, his favorite student.

Next week: Bailey and Grey (maybe) work it out.

How to Get Away With Murder

The penultimate episode of the season, “It’s War,” begins with Annalise out of prison and getting shit together because that’s what she does. First up, a meeting with Nate. He tells her that his signature was on the sheet to relocate Wes’ body, but that it’s not his doing. He admits to her that he saw Wes that night and that he opened up about his mother. He claims that he left Wes there, but that his phone will ping his location that night. He blames himself for Wes dying.

In a flashback, we see that Nate told Wes to take the deal and that the investigation was on everything – Sam, Lila, Rebecca. Wes claims that he doesn’t deserve Annalise after the awful things he’s done. Wes questions him, but he doesn’t answer. As he leaves, the Philadelphia police call looking for Wes, which explains the ping.

Back to present day, Laurel is still hung up on finding the murderer while Annalise looks to for protection first. Connor wants Oliver to look through the hacked phone file, and convinces him. Laurel, fed up with everyone, hires a private investigator to look into the Mahoneys. Annalise, on the other hand, attempts to force a grand jury investigation into Atwood, but the officials are not having it.

Oliver has a lot to think about these days. Photo courtesy of Twitter

Needing another plan, Annalise goes to Oliver and has him give the Philadelphia Press the story about the DA losing Wes’ body. Another point for the K4: the PI discovered that the Mahoneys submitted a DNA test for Wes five days before his murder.

Of course things can only look up so much before they go back down. Annalise immediately turns down the idea of attacking the Mahoneys, knowing the kind of fire they fight with and admitting to the K4 what happened to her baby. Laurel doesn’t agree. Bonnie offers to help Laurel get an abortion, which obviously does not rectify any situation currently at hand. Oliver discovers that Annalise called Connor to the house the night of the murder, but Connor says he didn’t get the message until the next morning because he was with Thomas.

Annalise meets with the chancellor, whom she discovers was offered a chance to win her case for custody of her children by Atwood in exchange for information on Annalise. Another relationship broken. When she returns home, Bonnie suggests they frame Nate, but Annalise has had enough. They can’t keep destroying.

In court, Frank files for subpoena for Atwood on the day the body was lost. Frank uses the sheet that Nate supposedly signed as evidence and then uses Nate’s relationship with Atwood to show bias in the action. The subpoena is granted and Atwood is suspended after admitting to Nate that she forged his signature.

After court, Annalise visits Laurel to tell her that Wes’ body has been cremated. She apologizes and tells her that she promises to find who did this.

Back at the house, Asher finally unleashes on Connor, accusing him of being the anonymous source and that his persistence in proving Annalise to be a murderer is suspect. He admits that Oliver has the phone copy. When he returns home to talk to Oliver about it, Oliver catches him in a lie. Connor did hear the voicemail that night. He checked it on Thomas’ phone a few hours before the fire even happened.

Things are getting uncomfortable. Photo courtesy of Twitter

Flashback to the night of the murder, we see Connor attempting to revive Wes with CPR.


This is usually where I offer a suggestion or a theory, but goodness am I out of sorts. In the back of my mind I have always worried that Connor would snap, always putting so much of the blame on Wes and his interactions with Rebecca. And yet, I could never have imagined that he would murder him, though maybe his mental health (or lack thereof) would say otherwise. Connor was able to lie about a drug addiction to cover up what happened with Sam, which shows that he, at least at some points, has been a convincing liar. However, that kind of aversion to the murder and situation might help us find another person to blame. Maybe Wes killed himself in front of Connor? Who can be sure.

We’ll find out next week on the two-hour finale!


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