Shondaland TGIT roundup: Week 12

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Grey’s Anatomy

In this week’s episode, “None of Your Business,” we finally get into the thick of the Karev-DeLuca debacle. We found out last week that Karev didn’t take the plea deal and happened to be in Grey’s house the entire day. The hour starts off this week with him telling Grey and Maggie that while he was waiting for his lawyer to arrive so they could discuss the deal, DeLuca ran in and dropped the charges, taking partial blame for the fight. He leaves without giving Karev an explanation for his change of heart.

At the hospital, Momma Avery is back from a trip and ready to take on the Minnick issue, but only lowkey – an unsurprising addition to the drama. She plays it cool with Webber, as if she has no place in the fray, but we all know better than that when it comes to Momma Avery.

As Bailey and Avery work to help Minnick find a place in the hospital, she is immediately shut down by Grey, who denies her request to join in on a gallbladder surgery. To make a statement to the rest of the attendings about how things are going to work around this hospital, Bailey suspends her – effective immediately.

Meanwhile, things grow even more awkward as Maggie’s mother visits the hospital for a plastic surgery appointment with Avery. She and Webber meet before Maggie can even think of how to introduce them and they plan a family dinner. When she has her consultation with Avery, she reveals a serious rash that turns out to be breast cancer. She asks Avery to help her tell Maggie later that night.

Elsewhere, a patient completely wrapped in barbed wire arrives. The patient’s neighbor, who found her wrapped up, said the barbed wire came from the wall built around the house. They never let anyone in – or out. After a drastic fit upon waking up, Owen helps to calm the patient while DeLuca begins to cut her out of her tangles. The patient, later awake and feeling better, admits that she and her husband had trust issues with the rest of the world, but when he passed away, she felt like she needed an escape.

In the thick of the drama, Karev heads back to the hospital to get his job back. When Bailey figures out he’s coming back, her husband helps her realize that maybe DeLuca’s intentions weren’t to help Karev, but to help Wilson, whom he’s become rather close with. Grey implores Karev not to mention her recent incident, which he of course does anyways. Bailey does not take it lightly. Minnick also approaches her about the incident and reprimands her for it. She needs to win people over, and this is not the solution.

After getting his job back, Karev attempts to apologize to DeLuca and thank him for what he did. DeLuca does not accept it, claiming that Karev had months to say it and that saying it right as it happened was a cop out and a way to avoid charges in the first place. Karev attempts to defend his actions, but in the end DeLuca’s words ring true – he did this for Wilson because she’s strong enough to go through this, but she shouldn’t have to.

Things could be going better for Maggie these days. Photo courtesy of Twitter

Later that evening, Avery, Maggie and her mother set up a dinner for some talk time, but before they can get into the thick of things Maggie rebukes her mother for showing up unannounced, interacting with her friends and her father and doing as she pleases. We learn that Maggie’s mother left her and her family to move to Hawaii and Maggie is clearly not over it. Her mother apologizes for hurting her, but explains that some things she needed to do for her self. She leaves without telling her the news and cancels dinner with Webber, who now has the time to talk to his wife about the situation with Minnick that she’s been avoiding.

Speaking of the situation with Minnick, Kepner spent most of the day mouthing off to Momma Avery as well. To teach the lesson again, Bailey makes Kepner an offer she can’t refuse – Grey’s position as Chief of General Surgery. After leaving the hospital, Minnick confronts Robbins about her attitude and tells her that what really makes her angry is that she knows if Minnick was fired they would be able to date. Here’s hoping Robbins has better taste than that.

A long-awaited acceptance. Photo courtesy of Twitter

Things don’t stop there. Murphy, Wilson and Edwards discuss the future of their education, almost seemingly heading toward the pro-Minnick. Their conversation pauses halfway through, though, when they realize that Wilson still doesn’t know about Karev. When she figures out, she drives over to the house, hugs him and leaves.

Next week: Kepner feels the heat as she takes a walk in Grey’s shoes.

How to Get Away With Murder

In this week’s episode, “Go Cry Somewhere Else,” we continue the hunt for justice for Annalise, and, of course, for Wes’ actual murderer.

We start the episode with a flashback of Wes’ last day. He leaves Frank’s car, but Frank tries to follow and fails. When he tells Bonnie, Bonnie says she’ll go to his apartment and that Frank is to go to the house, but NOT to hurt him. Wes grabs a taxi, and, after ignoring a call from Laurel, calls someone else and says “It’s Christophe.”

Over it. Photo courtesy of Twitter

We speed forward to current times and Laurel is finally getting discharged. While Bonnie prepares for trial, where Annalise and Frank will be charged as co-conspirators, the K4 prepare for Wes’ memorial. Laurel attempts to give a speech, but when she sees a stranger crying, she loses it and leaves. Instead of going home, she visits the morgue to see Wes’ body, but they won’t let her through because it’s still being used as evidence.

At the trial, Bonnie attempts to have Annalise and Frank’s cases severed to avoid bias, but the bail is still denied. Annalise’s parents show up unexpectedly. When court is adjourned, her mother begs Nate to help the cause, but he can’t because of his position with the DA.

After the trial, as the rest of the K4 await any kind of contact from Laurel, Oliver gets a call from the Philadelphia police for an interview. He has a panic attack as he realizes they might know about the hacking. They practice questioning him and does a great job. The police, however, know that he went to the legal clinic after being outside the scene of the crime. He claims he went there because he was an emotional wreck and didn’t know where else to go.

In prison, Annalise is visited by her parents. Her mother, it’s revealed, is suffering from dementia. She keeps thinking that she burnt the house down to kill the uncle that abused her. When her mother realizes that there is still tension between Annalise and her father for the incident, she leaves them to sort things out. It does not go swimmingly.

In the meantime, Laurel convinces Nate to bring her to see Wes’ body. However, when they pull the body out from the wall, it’s not his. It’s someone entirely different. Nate is reprimanded by the DA for bringing Laurel, even though they asked them to get close enough to Laurel to figure out if she was lying about Frank. When Laurel finally goes home, Michaela stays the night. She tells Michaela that she wants to believe it was Frank, but she’s scared that it’s not, confirming that she definitely did not see him.

Hoping to get answers, Laurel visits Frank in prison, but the meeting is recorded and supervised. Laurel asks him what Wes’ last words were, but he doesn’t answer. When she returns home, she tells the rest of the group that she’s positive he didn’t do it. The group is tense and blame is tossed around with no conclusion.

Bonnie visits the DA to confront the body situation, posing the argument that her client can’t get a fair trial with a missing body. It’s a personal vendetta from the DA’s office. However, the bail is still denied. Bonnie hopes to ask for a new judge or an ethical retrial, but Annalise is sick of the options and has other plans. In her cell, she antagonizes the other prisoner who has been harassing her. She makes jests and suggestions about the cellmate’s children, which leads to her getting her ass kicked.

When Bonnie arrives to see a beaten-to-a-pulp Annalise, she takes a picture to present to the court with the claim that the prisoners are targeting her. Bonnie gets her released on conditional bail. She goes home with her parents.

The key to the puzzle. Photo courtesy of Twitter

Elsewhere, things are still unstable. Laurel visits Wes’ apartment to sprawl amongst his belongings and cry (even though it’s still a crime scene.) Oliver tells Connor that he saved a copy of Annalise’s phone. Frank tells Bonnie he fired his lawyer and that he’ll now be representing himself with Bonnie. We discover that Nate was the one who had Wes’ body transferred.

In our final flashback, we see Nate enter Annalise’s house. It’s seemingly empty until he hears a noise from downstairs. It’s Wes. This is confusing. Did Laurel know the body was moved? Is that why she visited it? To help Annalise? Did Nate move the body so that it could be further investigated or did he move it because he’s guilty? What is Laurel not telling us about what she saw that night?

Next week: Annalise is back and it’s war with the DA.


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