Shondaland TGIT roundup: Week 11

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Grey’s Anatomy

This week in “Jukebox Hero,” we’ve got three problems: Karev, Amelia and the unbelievably irritating Eliza Minnick.

Rebels assemble. Photo courtesy of Twitter

While Grey struggles to figure out if Karev turned himself in or not, the doctors – mainly, Avery, Kepner, Maggie and Robbins – agree with Webber that the key to keeping Minnick out of power is by shutting her out at every opportunity. This is the Battle of Yorktown, people. We can’t just rush head first into battle.

The first issue of the day comes when Minnick tries to change the board, Bailey’s prime property. Edwards gives her a warning, but Bailey is surprisingly approving of the first move. However, when Minnick tells her the plan for the day, adding that each hospital has a “Webber,” he overhears and now it’s war.

Elsewhere, Robbins and Murphy are communicating with a pregnant woman in a taxi whose contractions are three minutes apart. As they discuss plans via video, the car is hit. The accident is caused by the father, who is on his way to the hospital.

Murphy and Robbins work on the mother, who has a fractured pelvis and hip dislocation, trapping the baby. Owen and Edwards check on the husband, who is okay, while discussing Amelia’s whereabouts. She left Owen a note and is nowhere to be found, but Edwards doesn’t have much to offer.

As Minnick traverses the hospital, she is late for Riggs’ valve replacement – one that she scheduled on the board – and misses it. When a hockey player with a slashed face comes in with the opponent who has accidentally committed said slashing, Avery refuses Minnick’s intrusion as well. She suggests Warren take the reins, but Avery insists that a face is not a place for practice. When she tries to join in on the mother’s surgery, Robbins is quite firm in standing her ground, tells her to stay away from her OR, that not all patients can be treated like educational inanimate objects and that Webber is her friend.

In the mother’s OR, she is bleeding out and the baby is bleeding internally. Robbins leaves Maggie to sort things out with the mom, and she and Murphy must operate on the baby in a side room as they don’t have time to transport to an OR.

Meanwhile, Edwards goes to her home where Amelia is hiding out to have her check brain scans for the dad and the taxi driver – both are fine – and tells her that she needs to talk to Owen. She disagrees and says that she doesn’t want him to fix something that can’t be fixed. Owen sees through Edwards’ awkwardness and she tells him that Amelia is safe but nothing else.

Outside the OR, the hockey player guilty of the slashing struggles as his lung collapses. The taxi driver saves his life by alerting Warren. The player was Wilson’s and she is missing in action. When Warren confronts her later to ask her if she needs help, she refuses angrily and tells him to leave her alone.

After a long day, Bailey suggests a meeting with the staff due to their treatment of Minnick. No one shows except for Webber, who is ten minutes late. He claims that what she did was harsh and abrupt. She claims that they needed fresh perspective and that multiple unnamed people agreed.

It’s been a long day for Robbins. Photo courtesy of Twitter

After, Minnick applauds Robbins for letting Murphy help and run the baby’s surgery, but Robbins is unmoved. She returns home and admits to DeLuca that she misses Alex.

At Grey’s home, she returns to bed defeated after visiting a number of courthouses and prisons with nothing to show for only to find Karev has been sleeping in her bed all day.

Have mercy on my soul, Shonda. It’s all too much.


How to Get Away With Murder

This week’s episode is titled “Not Everything’s About Annalise,” which is a great lie to tell yourself when you’re feeling down about television.

Recall that Frank has turned himself in after a very rough heart to heart with Laurel, who wishes he was dead instead of Wes. Also recall that Frank picked up Wes outside the station right after he almost signed an immunity contract. In  a flashback, we see that Wes told Frank about the investigation into Annalise, that he knows Frank killed his biological father and that he knows Frank is in debt to Annalise after killing her son.

Back in the interrogation room, Frank insists that he chloroformed Wes, took him to the house and left the stove on. He claims he lost his mind when he heard Laurel was pregnant, and that she wasn’t supposed to be in the house, which is why he turned himself in.

Across campus, the remaining Keating Five, which I will now call the Keating Three, meet with the Chancellor and one of her lawyers. She offers them solace, therapy, whatever they need to get through this situation. Michaela has other ideas, of course, and goes off on the chancellor for trying to cover the school’s ass from lawsuits and press instead of standing up for an innocent-until-proven-guilty Annalise.

It’s almost time for Laurel’s discharge, but maybe leaving the hospital isn’t a great idea. Photo courtesy of Twitter

In jail, Bonnie visits Annalise and vows to have her out ASAP, but Annalise isn’t getting her hopes up after the bail hearing. In another room, the DA ask Nate to investigate Frank and cross-check his story with Laurel’s. When he visits Laurel, he tells her that Frank turned himself in and she refuses to talk, only calling Bonnie instead. Meggy sees Nate leaving her room. When Meggy questions Laurel about it, Laurel becomes incredibly defensive and asks her to leave.

Worried about whatever evidence the DA may have, Bonnie suggests they ask Oliver to hack them. Connor is incredibly against this, revealing that he told him about Sam. He and Michaela are at each others throats, unsurprisingly. Michaela asks Oliver in a very inspiring speech about protecting themselves and doing what’s right – Sam deserved it, okay – and convinces him to do the hack. He finds that the police have found Rebecca’s body and that they’re trying to connect Annalise to all murders – Rebecca, Sam, Lila, the Mahoneys case. All. Of. It.

Annalise unmasked. Photo courtesy of Twitter

Meanwhile, Annalise is suffering for her sins. She’s being taunted constantly by other prisoners, almost getting in a fight in the shower room with one. The chancellor pays her a visit only to check on her, and Annalise is not moved by the gesture. Bonnie visits next, telling her what Connor has found. She pleads with Annalise to blame the whole thing on Frank. If they offer up information on the other cases, she can get immunity. The DA has other ideas, and says no, but not before accosting Annalise into near violence and rage. She returns to her cell and cuts her weave off with a razor.

Bonnie, unsure of what to do now, begs Laurel to fix this situation by providing the police with information that will match Frank’s statement. She claims she told him she was pregnant and that she saw him leaving through the storm door. She’s incredibly convincing. Frank is then charged not alone, but as Annalise’s co-conspirator.

Nate leaves the office after a fight with the DA. He claims that the DA is hiding something in the autopsy, but she fires back that he’s covering for Annalise.

We end with a flashback of Wes leaving Frank’s car. Wes accuses Frank of killing Rebecca, but he denies it without throwing Bonnie under the bus. He then calls Bonnie to tell her what Wes knows and she suggests that he continue to follow him, but not to do anything else.

Next week: Annalise’s mom comes back, a memorial is held for Wes and Nate shows Laurel the body!


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