Lisa Frank to partner with Glamour Dolls Makeup for new line

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Glamour Dolls Makeup is collaborating with famed artist Lisa Frank via Kickstarter to produce vegan, cruelty-free makeup.

The Kickstarter is asking for $30,000 to cover the creation of a minimum of six makeup items. These will include lip balm, matte mousse, liquid liner, a “unicorn lippie”, highlight powder and a vegan leather makeup bag.

Backers of the campaign will be able to vote on product names, help pick shades and participate in the unlocking of new products. They will also get a behind the scenes look into how the products are made, how they are developed and get first looks at Lisa’s new designs.

Lisa Frank, the founder of Lisa Frank, Inc., formed the company in 1979. She grew up in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and went to the University of Arizona. Soon enough, she founded her company there.

The company Glamour Dolls Makeup sells all of their products for $5 or less and says on the Kickstarter that each item in the Lisa Frank line will be similarly priced.

“We’ve got it easy, Lisa’s art always sells,” the Kickstarter reads.

The team from Glamour Dolls will be designing packaging and developing the products first. Then, Frank will decide which character should go with each product and “bring the product to life.”

After that, samples will be produced and revisions made before the final products will ship from the team’s warehouse.

The Kickstarter page also features a “Beauty Q and A with Lisa.” Frank’s signature lip color is currently a nude lip, and she says the best beauty tip is to take good care of your skin and smile.

When asked which product she is most excited to develop, she responded “All of them! I think the fans are going to love what they see. Finally… colorful, fun, high quality, inexpensive makeup for adults!”

Currently, the Lisa Frank angled blush brush is on sale for preorder on Glamour Dolls Makeup’s website. The brush will sell for $4.99 and is expected to deliver in April or May.

The campaign has already raised over $14,000 of the required funds from over 340 backers. The Kickstarter is all or nothing, so if it does not make it’s required goal, the team will receive none of the Kickstarter money.

The crowdfunding campaign ends on April 2, 2017 at 10:50 am EDT.


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