Y: The Last Man adaption has script in the works

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All men on Earth have just died of a mysterious plague. All of them except Yorick Brown and his pet monkey, Ampersand.

Originally published in 2002 by Brian K. Vaughn (Saga, Paper Girls) and drawn by Pia Guerra, Y: The Last Man is something of a classic. With strong feminist messages and a wide range of female characters, along with some explosive post-apocalyptic drama, it’s also a lot of fun. Dystopian television as a genre is at its height, yet there remains a need for female-led casts. Y: The Last Man is a no-brainer for adaption.

FX has been mum on the subject since rumors of the show’s development began circulating in 2015. The Hollywood Reporter has said that Michael Green (American Gods) will be co-writing the script along with Vaughn, but this has yet to be confirmed. However, network boss John Landgraf said that a script (written by the unconfirmed authors) should be delivered within a few months.

Yorick Brown spends most of the first volume making a scene and being a complete idiot. Vertigo.

Y: The Last Man had been previously bought for adaption by New Line in 2007, but when nothing came of the film the rights reverted back to Vaughn in 2014. Which is probably for the best. Having read the first volume myself, there’s absolutely no way to fit all of the characters and nuance into a two-hour feature film.

While the main protagonist is indeed a man, make no mistake:  The book isn’t about poor Yorick so much as about how women grow and define themselves without a patriarchy. Sometimes, that growth is really beautiful. And sometimes, they don’t grow at all, and that’s when it gets really ugly.

FX has been running a tight ship on this project, so there is little-to-no verifiable information on the show. However, there should be more information coming as the script is polished and the network begins looking for more expensive (and more permanent) talent.


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