Shondaland TGIT roundup: Week 10

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Grey’s Anatomy

The return to Grey’s Anatomy after a very, very long winter break was something a bit unexpected. We left off with a heart-wrenching scene of Karev waiting to accept a plea bargain and, with that, prison time. Meredith Grey argues this, begging him not to give up on his future, but whether he does or not is left up in the air.

Although we were hoping to get some clarification on the situation, instead we spend the entirety of the episode, “You Can Look, But You’d Better Not Touch,”  with only three of our characters – Bailey, Robbins and Wilson – who are working on a high-risk patient. A pregnant girl in prison.

Serious business. Photo courtesy of Twitter

The girl, Kristen, is 31 weeks pregnant and is in max security holding. She is so violent that she’s not allowed to interact with any other prisoners, multiple warnings are displayed across her door. Though we don’t figure out what she’s doing time for, we can imagine it’s pretty serious. The trio of doctors join Dr. Eldridge, the prison’s Bailey, and Kristen’s attorney in her holding cell where they’ll check for TRAP syndrome aka the baby’s sort of twin is sucking its blood like a little half baby vampire.

Immediately upon entering, Kristen has Dr. Eldridge on the ground in a chokehold and with a broken finger. Unsurprisingly, Bailey is not about this and exits as quickly as possibly to tend to the doctor who, for you information, doesn’t need the help. In fact, she makes sure to make a point of where she stands with Bailey when she shows her the dwindling supply room that she needs to ration out to all her patients.

Robbins and Wilson are left on their own to attempt to insert a probe into the patient’s womb to detach the vampire twin, but with the exit of the doctor and her attorney, they’ll have to handle her violent episodes themselves. She’s been restrained, which is controversial to say the least.

Wilson manages to get Kristen to open about her past a bit – being rich, going to boarding school, etc. – while Robbins attends to her mother, who is here unbeknownst to Kristen. Kristen knows that her mother will adopt and care for the baby. What she does not know is that her mother will never let her see the baby again.

Bailey to the rescue, per usual. Photo courtesy of Twitter

When they start the procedure, Kristen goes into labor. She begs for her mother between contractions, and Wilson finally cracks, telling her that she’s downstairs but that she doesn’t want to come. Bailey arrives, unsurprisingly, to the rescue and holds her hand for the duration of the birth, even going so far as to get her restraints removed. The baby arrives healthy and well and Kristen is able to hold her for a moment before she is taken to be prepared for her mother, who will not even keep the name that Kristen has chosen.

On the drive home, Bailey and Robbins try to comfort Wilson about Karev’s situation, though she doesn’t want to talk about it. Knowing she has to say it, Bailey admits that Karev took the plea deal. Robbins is forced to pull over the car so that Wilson can throw up. She is furious and in tears.

Next week: Karev’s fate is revealed and Webber goes head to head with the hospital for his power back.

How To Get Away With Murder

How to Get Away With Murder returns from the break with “We’re Bad People.” I think this is fairly accurate because Wes is dead and almost every single person on this show is suspect.

Never thought we’d see the day. Photo courtesy of Twitter

This episode is riddled with flashbacks of their fallen friend, beginning with Annalise running into him on campus the summer he met Meggy. He tells her that he got an internship working with undocumented immigrants and is hesitant to introduce her to Meggy. She wakes up from this vision in her prison cell to hear that she’s being transferred to county. She’s stripped and searched to her core and then moved to a new cell with two other women while Wes is autopsied. “Homicide” is written on his papers.

At the hospital, Bonnie questions Laurel about the fire. She tells her that Wes was dead before the explosion and asks for a culprit. Laurel assumes it’s Frank, but Bonnie disagrees. Bonnie tells the rest of the K5 that Annalise is being framed and asks them to go home. Oliver, having realized that they may also be responsible for Sam, wants to be alone.

Bonnie then visits Annalise. She thinks it could’ve possibly been the Mahoney’s, but Annalise cares not. She’s locked up regardless and she needs representation. She decides that Bonnie must be the one to do it.

At the hospital, Laurel has a flashback to a moment with Wes. In a bathtub, they discuss the fact that she thinks she might be pregnant after using a ripped condom. She says she’s paranoid and that it’s probably nothing.

When she wakes, Meggy announces that the detectives are here to see her. She tells them that the basement door was open so she went down to see who was there. She heard a noise and then she woke up in the hospital. They question her about why Annalise called her to the house, but she expresses that Annalise didn’t do this. She won’t say if she knows who did it, only that it’s the their job to figure it out.

At the courthouse, Nate is reprimanded by his DA lady friend and another colleague. They know he went to the morgue to see the body and to see Annalise, but as he senses his job on the line he admits to the sexual relationship he had with the DA and that any demotion will be taken as a sexual harassment. With a power move like that, Nate has clearly learned from the best. He meets with Bonnie afterward and tells her that he just wanted to know whether or not Annalise had done it. He offers Bonnie immunity and she promptly tells him to get the hell out.

Not exactly what you want to wake up to at the hospital. Photo courtesy of Twitter

When Michaela, Asher and Connor finally go to see Laurel she can only produce tears. Connor grows upset, tells the group that Oliver wiped Annalise’s phone and that he told him to go to the police with it. Again he rambles on about how everything was Wes’ fault, feeling no remorse for the situation at hand. After an abortion comment is made, Asher has him on the ground with flying fists. Michaela, after a flashback of helping Wes – someone she realizes she’s not entirely friends with – pick out jewelry for Laurel, stays at the hospital alone to help her.

At Bonnie’s, Frank arrives with the call logs for the police department the night of the incident to figure out who was framing Annalise. Mysteriously, Sam’s sister, Hannah, is on the log. Annalise drunk-dialed her that night, telling her she could have the house. Annalise feels like she’s finally lost, but receives a little nudge of confidence from her cellmate, a woman who watched her defend in court during her own hearing and was starstruck by her ferocity and fierceness. Bonnie and Annalise decide that forcing the DA to reveal Hannah as their witness will show bias in their claims and will help get her released.

In court, however, the DA produces the immunity article that Wes was signing the night he died. It isn’t signed, but he made annotations, which they believe proves he intended to sign it. Annalise is denied bail and is put back in county until trial. Frank is seen by both Nate and Asher during the hearing, which is sure to be an issue.

Back with the K5 – or K4, I guess, Connor tells Oliver about sleeping with Thomas and Oliver is hardly phased, knowing that Connor is psychologically unstable in this moment. Connor begs him to turn in the phone information and end it all. He pulls up a save file of the information, but what he’ll do with it is unknown. Laurel tells Frank she wish it had been him who died, proving that she isn’t sure it was him running out the storm door of the house. Frank then turns himself in, admitting to the murder.

It’s announced that Wes died due to asphyxiation from smoke inhalation, which Nate knows is wrong. When he addresses the woman in charge of the autopsy, she offers up no information. Nate’s involvement in the issue is suspicious, and he should be kept under close watch.

Next week: Michaela wants to hack the DA and Annalise loses it a little bit



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