Lin-Manuel Miranda to produce fantasy TV series

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Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of Broadway hit Hamilton and force for good on Twitter, has announced he will be producing The Kingkiller Chronicles with whole-hearted approval from author Patrick Rothfuss.


The two have been seen together in Twitter mentions for a long time. The song “Story of Tonight” from the Hamilton musical might have actually been inspired by scenes from the first book in the trilogy, The Name of the Wind.

name-of-the-windMiranda will also be composing music for the show. It’s important to note that the TV series will not follow protagonist Kvothe, but rather explore the fantasy world and the characters in it. He will, however, help in the production of a major feature film from Lionsgate. The film will follow The Name of the Wind, “Day One” of the Chronicles. Rights to a video game were also sold to the production company.

Miranda has never been shy about expressing his love for the writing and the story of The Kingkiller Chronicles, which follows the adventures of Kvothe as recounted over a period of three days (one day per book) to a traveling writer called the Chronicler.

It will be interesting to see how Miranda handles the novel’s popular fan theories. Because The Kingkiller Chronicles are Kvothe telling the Chronicler his story, it’s a common theory that Kvothe is actually an unreliable narrator. In the stories, Kvothe is often seen attracting beautiful women and making powerful enemies as the most talented musician and wizard in the land, making for an uncomplicated character. However, in the telling of his tale, Kvothe is often challenged as to the accuracy of his story by both the Chronicler and Rothfuss himself. If the TV series is set from a third-party perspective, completely independent of Kvothe’s influence, it will be a bit of a mystery who the notorious Kingkiller will become.


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