Shondaland TGIT recap: Week 9

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Grey’s Anatomy

All hands are on deck this week in “You Haven’t Done Nothin,” the last episode before the winter break begins. It’s the day before the trial, and let’s just say that Karev already has a pretty good idea of what size orange jumpsuit he think will fit him best. As Grey pleads with him on the way to work to not give up just yet, an apartment complex collapses in front of them.

Yeah, it’s one of those winter finales.

As the hospital prepares for a code yellow disaster protocol, everyone is on the move. DeLuca and Murphy are taking pictures of patients for arriving loved ones. Webber and Maggie are taking care of a young girl hurt in the accident. Riggs and Owen are caring for a man whose wife and girlfriend have separately arrived to see him. George is playing priest for a patient who turns out to the be the landlord. He knew the building had earthquake damage, but he couldn’t afford to fix it and didn’t want to raise the rent. Dr. Minnick arrives early (she starts the following Monday) to offer an extra set of hands.

The moment we've been waiting for all season. Photo courtesy of Twitter

The moment we’ve been waiting for all season. Photo courtesy of Twitter

As this is all going on, Wilson is being subpoenaed to testify in the trial tomorrow. She tells DeLuca that she’s afraid they’ll ask her about her past on the stand. If she’s caught lying, she could lose her license. Worried, she tells Karev the truth. He remains calm, and apologizes to her for calling her trash.

As the attendings struggle to take care of all the patients coming in, the father of the girl that Webber and Maggie are working on overhears that the landlord knew about the building damages. He tells all of those in the waiting room and chaos ensues. Their daughter ends up not making it through surgery and the mother tries to pull the landlords plugs, but is unsuccessful.

In another operating room, Owen and Riggs discuss how to tell the two separate women about the patient. Riggs owns up to his shortcomings with Owen’s sister, but is surprised to find that Owen fell down a similar path with Christina. Riggs assures him that he has the power to react differently in his situation with Amelia, but when Owen arrives home, he has a letter from her asking him not to blame it on himself. Assumedly, she is gone. This is another huge loss for Owen, which has much more potential for fixing. However, it does seem that he is slowly gaining back a very strong and reliable friendship.

Webber has the support, but who will challenge Bailey about it? Photo courtesy of Twitter

Webber has the support, but who will challenge Bailey about it? Photo courtesy of Twitter

The rest of the episode focuses on the Minnick/Webber dynamic. Minnick makes a passing comment on how she’ll catch Webber up to speed with her program the following week, implying that he is no longer in charge. After a discussion with Bailey, he realizes that although he’s head of the residency eduction program, Minnick will now be the director of education. Unhappy with this, Maggie corrals Avery into getting the other attendings and hospital employees to oppose this.

But, because we love a complicated story line, Minnick comes on to Robbins and gets her to agree to a night out for drinks. Her approach is strong, and annoying to be quite frank, but Robbins agrees apprehensively.

As the night draws to a close, Karev tells Meredith he’s going to accept the plea deal for two years prison time that was originally offered. She begs him not to, but he leaves anyways. He tells Bailey on his way out, and after a brief conversation with George, Bailey realizes she needs to let her personal emotions back into the work place. We end with Karev waiting to see the attorney, but whether he accepts the deal or not, we are unsure.

We’ll just have to wait until January 19 to find out.

How to Get Away With Murder

The winter finale for How to Get Away With Murder is entitled “Who’s Dead?” This is a great question. One that you are probably not going to like the answer to, but that’s the way of the world in Shondaland, folks.

Our episode doesn’t begin with a flashback. We’re present day now. The fire situation is just hours away, and the students are pre-gaming by taking their midterms. Annalise asks each one of them to defend Ted Bundy from death row. An array of answers, mental health issues, the insufficiency of the death penalty, etc., are spoken as we go back and forth between scenes of Frank in Annalise’s living room with a gun to his chin. Bonnie, who brings up their night of frivolity, convinces him to stay alive for her love.

Everyone passes the midterm, a first for one of Annalise’s classes, and she brings the champagne to celebrate. On her way out of the party, she tells Wes that Frank is gone – not dead – and that he won’t be bothering them anymore. When Wes brings this up to Laurel, she admits that Frank knows about their relationship. Wes gets mad and they spend the rest of the episode not on speaking terms.

Annalise heads to the salon after, where Mary J. Blige tells her that her friend stopped by. She realizes this is the D.A. spying on her. She confronts the D.A. in her office, who assumes the quarrel is about Nate. Annalise, instead, straight up serves her. If she could hear me, I would applaud her. Annalise also confronts Nate, who is happy to scream at her in the parking lot for what she’s done to him. Later, Nate breaks up with the D.A. as he begins to realize that she may have hired him on for reasons other than his natural skill.

There is not such thing as a forgotten past in Shondaland. Photo courtesy of Twitter

There is not such thing as a forgotten past in Shondaland. Photo courtesy of Twitter

This clearly all goes well, so Annalise goes home and cracks open a bottle of Svedka. After a couple pulls, she destroys all her files on the Mahoneys, Sam, Rebecca, Lila, the whole gang, in her fireplace. She uses the statue that Wes killed Sam with to wreck her laptop, and then she heads to Bonnie’s to tell her about the investigation.

Meanwhile, Michaela is dealing with the arrival of her mother and Wes has been called to the D.A.’s office. Michaela’s mom left her dad and is looking for a place to stay. Entirely resistant to the idea, she books her a plane ticket home for the next morning. Wes heads to the office with his attorney for what they assume to be the Mahoney case. Instead he is questioned about Annalise in accordance with the murder of Rebecca, whose body has been found in the woods. Nate sees him in the interrogation room. When his attorney tells him to take the immunity, Wes fires him.

As the day rolls on, Bonnie has to put an almost belligerent Annalise to bed, who tries to kiss her before she falls asleep in an awkward yet sad moment of loneliness, fear and lost hope. Downstairs, Bonnie tells Frank that he can take the fall for everything to save everyone. Whether he’ll do it or not is unclear.

When Annalise wakes up, she calls her students and tells them to meet her at the house. Wes ignores the phone call. Asher is far too drunk to go. Connor is hooking up with Thomas. Laurel stumbles over drunk. Oliver is busy researching the night of the bonfire after Connor drunkenly confesses he never had a substance abuse problem. Michaela is with her mother. Annalise tells Oliver she wants to meet him at the computer room. She asks him to hack the D.A. files.

He's alive, but is he innocent? Photo courtesy of Twitter

He’s alive, but is he innocent? Photo courtesy of Twitter

At the house, Nate walks in to find no one home. Shortly after, Laurel does the same and right as she closes the door behind her, their is an explosion on the first floor. We are now up to speed with the incident. Oliver finds Annalise, wipes her phone, she’s arrested. Laurel is found and taken into the hospital where she is discovered to be pregnant. Michaela and Asher arrive at the hospital begging Bonnie to give them more insight on the body. She tells them about the anonymous source. Bonnie then gets a call from Frank, who is watching the house burn with the rest of the crowd. Connor shows up shortly after.

We then turn to the medical examination room where the examiner is detailing the victim: male, unknown age, black. Surprisingly, we find that Nate is asking her the questions.

Wes is the one under the sheet.

With a face half-burnt like Two-Face from Batman, Wes lies on the slab. There’s no official cause of death, but the medical examiner has a clue to what it might be. We rewind just a bit to find that Wes snuck out of the D.A.’s office after the first round of questioning and the presentation of the incorrect immunity paperwork. He listens to Annalise’s message and heads out the door.

We end with Nate visiting Annalise in her cell. She immediately claims no responsibility for what’s happened. He responds with something unexpected: Wes was dead before the fire.

Well, shit.

There’s a lot to think about here. We don’t have a timeline for when Annalise left Bonnie’s to when she ended up outside the fire. How long was she there? Pretty convenient for her to just run up, right? We also don’t know the timeline of Wes’ arrival versus Nate’s and Laurel’s. Did he ever arrive or was his body brought there?

There’s a number of people who could’ve killed him. Annalise had Oliver hack the D.A.’s office. If she found out he was the informant, she could’ve had him killed (or done it herself) to save the rest of them? On the contrary, Nate could’ve killed him to frame Annalise even more.

Frank could’ve killed him as a means of making amends with Annalise. If she asked for this that would make sense. If not, it seems that killing of her psuedo-son would not be the best way to go.

It very well could’ve been Connor pre-coitus. Drunk and raging about the positions they’ve been in throughout the show, his anger could’ve finally produced action. He seemed incredibly numb to the announcement of his death, but we must remember that he had a long day regardless of whether or not it involved murder.

And maybe, just maybe, Wes could’ve killed himself. Upon finding out Rebecca is actually dead, he could’ve gone to Annalise’s house, where the weapon he murdered Sam with was lying out on the floor and thought about all the issues that have come largely from his actions. Or maybe he tried to conversely kill Annalise and it went array.

There are so many options, and judging by how off I was on guessing the death would be Wes’, none of them are probably right. Any ideas? You have until January 19 to scheme.


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