Marvel announces new MARVEL TL;DR

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Marvel media has taken the next step in making their older series friendlier to new readers by summarizing the more complicated elements of backstories and story-lines in short videos created by Noah Sterling.

Sterling is a former intern at Marvel, and created his first “TL;DR” video about the Infinity Gauntlet. A press release by Marvel quotes Sterling as saying, “Each episode is a love-letter to my favorite stories, and finally sharing it with millions of Marvel fans is a dream come true. My hope is that the series will introduce fans to new stories and provide a jumping-off point for them to explore the vast Marvel catalog.”

Is it another way for Marvel to sell people more s***? Absolutely. But it also fills a real need of the community. There are entire channels on YouTube dedicated to JUST THIS. Hundreds of videos explain the history of Doctor Strange, or the fall of Nightwing, or the homoerotic relationship of Wade Wilson and Peter Parker. Fans don’t have the time, nor the cash, to sift through 50-plus years of comics.

Fans today want what all media-users want: efficiency. It’s no mystery as to why Marvel saw the appeal in investing in Mr. Sterling’s idea.

The videos themselves are energetic, brightly-colored and kind of corny. But then, that describes most of Marvel, and it still appeals to the broad age group Marvel has.

10 episodes will release every Friday explaining origin stories of heroes, important items, lead-ups to some movies like Thor: Ragnarok and more.



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