Shondaland TGIT roundup: Week 4

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Grey’s Anatomy

This week’s episode of Grey’s, entitled “Falling Slowly,” felt just that. There wasn’t as much drama as the promo had insinuated, and it felt a like a filler for bigger moments to come i.e. the trial, Maggie finally finding out about Grey and Riggs, etc.

The majority of the episode takes place in the hospital. We begin with Karev, who’s arriving early and staying late trying to pay his dues in the clinic. Unfortunately, the nurse in charge of the clinic is a complete ass, who won’t let him leave early for a meeting with his lawyers or really do anything without a dishful of sarcasm and complaints. Unfortunately for Karev, even when he has the opportunity to see patients with more severe issues, he’s not allowed to so much as touch a scalpel.

PSA: Although sterile, do not eat in your local clinic. Photo courtesy of Twitter

PSA: Although sterile, do not eat in your local clinic. Photo courtesy of Twitter

He ends up with a patient who the head nurse claims is an alcoholic that comes in every month for fluids. After using time and thought, he discovers she actually has Ehlers-Danlos, a one in a million case. He lets the Chief take the case because the patient needs the diagnosis way more than he needs the credit. This is one of those redeeming Karev moments where we are reminded of why we continue to root for him through all his trials (literally) and tribulations. He ends up missing his meeting with his lawyers, but it’s with good cause.

Speaking of lawyers and bad things, Jo and DeLuca are beginning to strike up more of a friendship because of this trial. After being banned by Bailey from talking about the case to anyone anywhere in the hospital, the find solace in one another. I imagine Shonda will explore this further, hopefully giving Karev a chance to redeem himself in trusting Jo and giving Jo a chance to open up about her past.

Elsewhere, Grey, Riggs and Owen are treating two patients, a husband and wife, after a glider accident. The husband is fine, paralyzed in a previous accident not this one, but the wife needs to be under watch. Owen suggests surgery to explore the aorta, but Grey and Riggs suggest that the invasion isn’t necessary unless an emergency situation presents itself. There is some questioning of Riggs motives in siding with Grey on this matter as he spent the morning asking her to hang out, but we trust doctors right?

Of course, seriously of course, the patient’s stomach ends up filling with blood and they have to do emergency surgery. Owen is angry, which is a pretty common thing for him to be honest, but they save the patient. Unfortunately, she ends up paralyzed like her husband. This leads Riggs and Grey to argue about if they made the right decision for the right reasons, but leads Owen to feeling more open to talking to Amelia. Amelia had spent the day frantically playing friends trivia after realizing her and Owen may have gotten married a little too soon. They trade stories on PTSD  and choking Christina as well as waking up to an overdosed partner. In this moment, they decide they should have children. Now, I’m not sure this is the correct way to go about making a decision like this, but it’s a relief to see Owen experience this kind of love and connection with a partner after the same situation led to the demise of his previous one with Christina.

Here we have a love triangle displayed in the shape of a literal triangle. Pure art. Photo courtesy of Twitter

Here we have a love triangle displayed in the shape of a literal triangle. Pure art. Photo courtesy of Twitter

Riggs and Grey on the other hand, decide to remain colleagues. Well, Grey makes the decision and we can assume it’s not one Riggs will try hard to abide by. Maggie almost catches them discussing their relationship, but Riggs makes the save and apologizes to her for any uncomfortable feelings between them. This may have worked for now, but with each conversation and scene that enables Riggs and Grey to push just a little bit forward, we also inch closer to a bigger explosion from Maggie when she finds out. And because this is Shondaland, you know she will.

Finally, we end with Kepner and Avery. Both driven mad by the sleepless nights and lack of parenting schedule, they come to a bit of a roadblock. Kepner, who has been living with Avery (in his VERY NICE HOME) feels awkward and Avery feels like he’s walking on eggshells, but in a surprising turn of events, they never quite hit the argument level they’re known for. He tells her he doesn’t want her to move out and they have a nice family moment. Who would’ve thought?

Tune in next week for “how can Amelia possibly maybe already be pregnant!?”

How to Get Away With Murder

Episode four of How to Get Away With Murder is entitled “Don’t Tell Annalise,” which is weird because I thought that was the premise for every episode. This is a comforting beginning.

Annalise surrounds herself with other people who love vodka, and that's why we're in this mess. Photo courtesy of Twitter

Annalise surrounds herself with other people who love vodka, and that’s why we’re in this mess. Photo courtesy of Twitter

We begin four weeks before the fire situation. Annalise and Eve spend the night dancing away, and she ends up very hungover the next day in court where Asher is first chair in a case for a juvenile who is accused of using fake credit cards to steal $41,000. Asher is doing less than average in his presentation when the case is stopped. It’s announced that Annalise’s has been placed under immediate suspension for gross misconduct. Someone emailed the court the video of her slapping her previous client.

Bonnie takes over the case and they make it a goal to find what the client did with the money. Oliver helps find that the client is taking the bus to a storage unit. There they find a mass collection of baby supplies, which he’s harboring to help the mother of his child who coincidentally works at his school. He’s worried that the baby will end up abused and in foster care like he was.

In the meantime, Frank is using his suitcase of money to buy chemicals. Laurel goes to see his father to try and figure out his whereabouts and discovers that he did prison time. He’s also currently posing as a janitor named Kevin at a medical institution.

Everything is good and fine!

Back at the case, Bonnie wants to frame the teacher as a rapist. Asher has a hard time with this and terrible words about her dad and his gang rape situation are thrown back and forth, but they do it anyways. The client is incredibly upset by this as the baby is now in danger of a bad upbringing, but Bonnie and Asher make amends.

With the help of Oliver, Annalise discovers that the person who released her video to the court is a member of the board of the university. The president and her throw words, but this time the president stands her ground. Annalise discovers that without a license, her tenure can be nullified. Of course, she turns to vodka to solve the problem. When Nate arrives back home, he asks her about her relationship with Eve and Annalise says just about every wrong thing you could say to a person. She tells him that she didn’t need him to move in for protection, passively ignores the accusations of infidelity and ends with the common courtesy, “you’re a little bitch.” Nate tells her to get help and leaves, which sounds bad, but sparks her idea to plead to the court that she’s an alcoholic, promising to enter treatment if she can keep her license. Nate ends up having sex with the DA, which will probably end poorly, but there are worse things to think about right now.

Later, the K5 and Meggy throw a surprise party for Wes, but Laurel leaves. She goes to Annalise’s house and overhears Bonnie telling her that her father died in a medical ward in Coalport. Of course, this is where Laurel’s father told her where Frank was. Laurel confesses the entire thing to Bonnie, and we figure out that Frank killed Bonnie’s father with the chemicals purchased earlier. Bonnie tells Laurel not to tell any of this to Annalise.

I have a lot of feelings?

This is what I look like at 10 p.m. every Thursday. Photo courtesy of Twitter

This is what I look like at 10 p.m. every Thursday. Photo courtesy of Twitter

Now, we fast forward to the fire situation. At the hospital, the body with the pulse is undergoing treatment and vitals aren’t great. Meggy, who is working at the hospital, reports to the doctors that the person is pregnant only to look down in horror and see that it’s none other than Laurel.

Yes. Laurel is alive (for now) and pregnant. It’s been quite sometime since she’s seen Frank (don’t forget the entire summer passed), and I would assume if he were the father that her belly would be showing by now, but I could be wrong! There’s still something to be said about her and Wes’ relationship. You can cut the tension with a knife. But that would mean some action would have to happen in the next three weeks. This also seems unlikely, but let us see how it takes shape.

Next week: WE FINALLY FIGURE OUT WHO’S BEHIND THE FLYERS. Also, noted political affiliate, Mary J. Blige guest stars. Hateration in this dancery is right.


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