Shondaland TGIT roundup: Week 3

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Grey’s Anatomy

Episode three, “I Ain’t No Miracle Worker” is a bit tame in regards to the drama we’ve started off the season with. A bit of your typical predictable plot line with a nice refreshing medical twist that you’ll have to google later. Though I was hoping for an update on the Karev-Wilson-DeLuca drama, we know (not from other shows, let’s be real) that court proceedings take a while.

This episode mainly focuses around 4 subplots: the Riggs love triangle, Arizona’s return, Bailey’s child and the patients of the day.

My face would look like this all the time if Meredith and Maggie were my sisters too, Amelia. Photo courtesy of Twitter

My face would look like this all the time if Meredith and Maggie were my sisters too, Amelia. Photo courtesy of Twitter

In the love triangle, Maggie is still suffering the rejection blow, and Meredith doesn’t want to listen (what else is new.) After talking Amelia’s ear off all day, the newlywed sister sits them down and tells them they have to communicate. Grey is open, but after a long shift of complaining, Maggie is surprisingly worn out. Grey says Riggs should date her and behave rudely to get her off his case. They also have a nice moment where they discuss “miracle dreams,” i.e. where both their previous partners are still alive. It’s easy to forget that the two have this unfortunate circumstance in common, which may be a future bonding point for them as well as a creator of acceptance in finding a new partner.

Arizona, on the other hand, has just returned from visiting Callie and Sophia in New York and could not be happier. This is, of course, until she realizes what kind of shape her roommate, DeLuca, is in. She has a firm talk with Karev, who is done hearing what everyone has to say. Karev reassures her by saying he’s going to work his little butt off in the clinic to regain his dignity and his job. Weirdly, he has Kepner by his side to feel the pain as she stalks the hospital out of boredom while on baby duty and bed rest. Though he has his rough moments, he does often show resilience in the face of obstacles. He pisses you off, but you can’t help but root for him.

George is really starting to hold his own around the hospital and in his home. Photo courtesy of Twitter

George is really starting to hold his own around the hospital and in his home. Photo courtesy of Twitter

Bailey and George, while dealing with the issues throughout the ER, are dealing with their own at home. Tuck pushed a kid at school, but Bailey is too busy to reprimand him. George takes matters into his own hands and, with the help of Avery, shows him the images of DeLuca pre-eye surgery to scare him. Tuck apologizes to his mom and offers his phone up for grounding. This is a great moment for Bailey and George, who have seen a lot of ups and downs in their relationship. Now that George is back in her good graces after violating hospital rules, it’s nice to see them taking larger steps to define their family.

Finally, we have the patients of the episode. A funeral procession accident leads an entire family to the hospital (including the already deceased father), where they find that the fault is on an estranged (and pregnant) daughter. Mom is happy that she’s back while the rest of the family is up in arms. Mom sits with her husband’s dead body while she waits for the funeral directors to come reclaim the body and ends up going into cardiac arrest. She is pronounced dead by Maggie and Amelia, but while the family holds an impromptu funeral in the hospital, she wakes back up. She is one of 39 recorded people to experience the “Lazarus Syndrome” since 1982. Miracles are happening, people. The daughter and baby are also okay, and the family warmly comes together such as one does on a Shondaland show.

Next week is all about the Riggs/Grey dynamic! Will it prosper under secret conditions or falter when hospital complications get in the way? Who knows, but it’ll probably end with me crying anyways.

How To Get Away With Murder

This week’s episode of HTGAWM, “Always Bet Black,” was sure to be a good one with a further delve into Laurel’s home life and another addition to the “hey we’re not dead” club. Unlike Grey’s, this show doesn’t have what are kind of equal to sports’ bye weeks. Everything is madness, which is great for me, but not my electric bill.

(Shout out to my hall light for keeping me company as I ponder the future of Connor Walsh.)

We being six weeks before the fire situation. Nate is living with Annalise. The university president is still trying to figure things out. Wes and Meggy are weird. Annalise has a new high-profile case.

She’ll be representing a man who dragged an OD’ed escort out behind his apartment. Michaela is chosen to be on the case. Annalise tries to get a plea deal with the DA, but is denied any sort of conversation due to her reputation around the courthouse. The new DA, played by Milauna J. Jackson, may be our new Emily Sinclair. After the first day of court, the client withdraws a large sum of money out of his bank account. When Annalise confronts him, he admits he’s being blackmailed for the murder of another girl, whom he did murder after she told him he was too ugly to sleep with.

In a fun twist of events, Michaela’s ex-fiancee is now engaged to another woman. Stupidly, she grabs the client’s case of money, grabs Connor, Oliver and Asher and heads to Atlantic City for a disastrous night of gambling (but not before Bonnie finds out that she’s sleeping with Asher.) Connor and Oliver fight over an advance made by a man at the casino. Michaela loses all the money after betting on red and has to pawn her old ring to get it back.

At the trial, Annalise frames the murder of the second girl on another man and gets her client to an accept a three-year deal after slapping him so hard that all the people who have died on this show were brought back to life just by the sound. She receives good press for this, which is a fun new thing for her to experience. Annalise also tells Bonnie to keep the money.

Not the happiest of reunions for Laurel. Photo courtesy of Twitter

Not the happiest of reunions for Laurel. Photo courtesy of Twitter

Far away, Laurel visits her dad. They air out some of their previously unknown issues including the fact that he left her mom during a mental breakdown and found the woman he would remarry a month later. We also learn that Laurel was kidnapped at 16, but her dad wouldn’t pay the ransom “because the government wouldn’t let him.” Things are complicated. He offers to tell her where Frank is if she signs a property transfer agreement for one of his investments because he is a subpar dad.

Later that night, Laurel finally receives a call back from Frank. He tells her that Annalise tried to kill him, and to send the message to stop because they’re even. Laurel cuts him off because she knows her dad bugged the phone. The next day she agrees to sign the property agreement and is given Frank’s location somewhere close to Pittsburgh. When she returns to Annalise, she tells them that she got no information from her dad.

Once more, we fastforward to the fire situation and, alas, Bonnie is confirmed alive. She’s looking for Connor to make sure the phone was wiped.

Same, Bonnie. Same. Photo courtesy of Twitter

Same, Bonnie. Same. Photo courtesy of Twitter

HOWEVER, and you know there always has to be a however, as she distracts the police so Connor can plant the phone back by the ambulance, we discover that another body has been found in the house. This body is alive.

Just punch me right in the face.

Next week we have an alcoholic Annalise getting her license maybe suspended as the video of her slapping the client has been apprehended, a burnt person with a pulse and more Frank.


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