Best new games for the last week of October

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It’s hard to follow up a week of two amazing releases with Battlefield 1 and Civilization VI having just come out, but Bethesda and Respawn Entertainment are certainly trying their darndest to do so.

Just Dance 2017

Despite Nintendo looking like they may now be done with the motion control craze they began a decade ago, dance games are here to stay. The next release in the long running Just Dance series doesn’t actually require any Wiimotes or a Kinect, though. This game, which will also come to Nintendo’s Switch system sometime after it releases next March, can make use of a player’s phone to keep track of motion. Just Dance 2017 is releasing Tuesday for Playstation 3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii and Wii U.

Skyrim Special Edition

It’s nearly been five years since the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but there’s still no news about a sequel. Instead, Bethesda is offering a remastered version of the title for current-generation Xbox and Playstation platforms as well as PC. The title, releasing Friday, introduces volumetric lighting, god rays, dynamic depth of field and remastered effects. Alongside these visual upgrades, the release also includes all of the downloadable content add ons that have been released for the game. PC gamers who already own the base Skyrim game as well as all of the DLC can get the upgrade for free through Steam upon release.

Titanfall 2

Oh yes, Titanfall, the game that was supposed to change the way we all think about first-person shooters for this generation of consoles. While history never quite panned about that way, Titanfall was a fun multiplayer shooter that just wasn’t quite fleshed out enough. Respawn Entertainment is looking to fix the problems from the first game this time around, including a full single-player campaign. This iteration of the series also promises to slow down the parkour mechanics of the first game, helping to keep the game accessible to newer players. Of course, players will still have their mechs they can call down from the sky and control, but there are also a number of new gameplay mechanics being introduced. These include the ability to deploy a holographic soldier to distract enemies, a grappling hook to quickly move from one place to another and of course a whole set of new titans all with their own unique abilities. Titanfall 2 will drop onto Xbox One, PS4 and PC Friday.


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