Best games for the first week of October

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If you can manage to pull yourself away from the addiction of jumping from truck to truck in last week’s Clustertruck, you may want to check out some of the cool games releasing this week.

Paper Mario: Color Splash

Go back to the Mushroom Kingdom in just two dimensions on the Wii U in the newest Paper Mario game. Players are tasked with returning color to Prism Island, which has been drained of it, no doubtedly by Bowser and friends. Some are dreading what appears to be the return of the same gameplay system featured in the 2012 3DS game Paper Mario: Sticker Star, however. These stickers are called “battle cards” in this iteration and require a fresh coat of paint in order to increase their power, after which players can flick them from the gamepad into a battle. As long as the cards don’t overpower the rest of the game, this is one Mario game that’s probably worth looking into when it releases Friday.

Mafia III

Now with a brand new developer, Mafia hopes to make it back into your PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac or PC this Friday. The setting is 1968; you’re in the open-world city of New Bordeaux, a reimagination of New Orleans. You have but one objective, which is to exact revenge after being betrayed by the heir of a crime family.  You can go about this in a number of ways, whether that’s shooting through enemies yourself, calling in backup to help out or remaining stealthy to sneak to your objective. However you do it, this third-person action-adventure game promises to be a blast.

The Silver Case

Exactly 17 years after originally being released in Japan, Suda51 is finally bringing this visual adventure novel to a western audience in the form of an HD remake. Taking control of a special forces member, players will solve a variety of puzzles to try and solve a string of killings across the city. This HD remaster will be making its way to Steam Friday.


Being stuck on a doomed spaceship in a video game can only mean one thing: horror. Syndrome is no different in that regard, as players fight to find out what happened to the ship’s lost crew. The game promises to limit the amount of resources available, forcing players to make the choice of fight or flight with every encounter. Gamers can get their hands on this Thursday on PC, Xbox One and PS4.


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