What’s next for ‘Game of Thrones?’

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It’s been a few weeks now since Jon Snow took back Winterfell and Cersei orchestrated mass murder and characters who aren’t as important did other things.

But now that we have confirmation that we will have to wait until at least the middle of next year for some closure, I – and the rest of the internet – have nothing to do but wallow in self pity and conspiracy theories of what will fill these seven (ugh) episodes. Without books to rely on, and let’s be real ol’ George is basically useless, I have turned to thought and Reddit to start plotting out what happens next.

Here’s what we can probably look forward to in season seven:

Daenarys versus Cersei. If Dany is going to land her fleet anywhere, we might suspect she’ll head directly for the Iron Throne, maybe stopping along the way to pick up supporters. Though Cersei has proven her prowess and lack of restraint, mainly by lighting everyone on fire and being an accessory to all three of her children’s’ deaths, she lacks the moral compass or likability of a leader. She doesn’t connect with or care for the people. Dany has cause to take the throne, an army to do it and a much stronger sense of compassion. Also, dragons. Leading to …


“Wow, my sister sucks” – Jaime, probably. Photo courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes

Cersei’s death. Maggy the Frog predicted that she’d be laid to rest by the “valonqar,” which is High Valryian for “little brother.” This is fun because she is technically older than both Jaime and Tyrion. With Tyrion on his way to battle as Dany’s right hand man and Jaime a witness of his sister’s recent escapades, it’s a toss up of who could be the candidate. While it would be sweet revenge for Tyrion to step up the task, Jaime would be just a little more ironic and satisfying.

Dorne will strike. The Sand Snakes have made some power moves. They killed Princess Myrcella and their own father, and they may make a worthy alliance for Dany in taking the Iron Throne. They do not ask for power, only vengeance, and that is the perfect kind of partnership to make.

The Greyjoys will do things. Yara and Theon will also join in alliance with Dany, a large victory for them in the battle against their psycho uncle to take back their home. Anyways the Greyjoys are fairly unexciting so who cares.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Was I supposed to be doing something helpful?" - Bran definitely. Photo courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes

“Oh, I’m sorry. Was I supposed to be doing something helpful?” – Bran definitely. Photo courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes

Bran, Bran, Bran. What to do with this idiot of a gifted child. He’ll probably end up killing everyone while the Night’s King tries to kill him. Either way, he’ll have to find a way to communicate Jon Snow’s parentage to him or Dany, along with what will probably be more information of the Stark lineage, the upcoming war, impending doom, etc. And then, he will become an old man stuck to a tree.

Clegane-bowl!!!! The Hound is going to straight up (hopefully) murder his Frankenstein brother, and it is going to be a glorious tale sung over hearty meats and clinking pints of mead for generations to come.

Arya will likely rejoin her sister and brother, unless much like Arya, she ends up completely off path. Here’s to hoping she finally rejoins at least one of her family members without having to watch them die! And that she finishes off that darn list.

Jon & Sansa must plan for their next big move. They have Winterfell, but what’s the priority here? White walkers or the Iron Throne? Jon, having seen some shit to put it lightly, will most likely choose the white walker path. He has the backing of the wildlings, who saw the Night’s King and his army with him, and Lady Mormont. However, Sansa, seeking vengeance against her “new family” may want to return the favor. Hopefully, Maester Sam will return and lend a helping hand, and even more hopefully, Sansa will wreck Petyr Baelish’s life.

Just imagine if Westeros had a Jerry Springer. Jon Snow would've been a huge hit. Photo courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes

Just imagine if Westeros had a Jerry Springer. Jon Snow would’ve been a huge hit. Photo courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes

Based on the above comments, it’s obvious that both battles will eventually have to be fought. The Three-Headed Dragon, should the lineage be sorted, may come into play. Regardless, eventually all who survive will have to fight the white walkers and the impending winter that’s arrived. Personally, if we’re gonna do this, I say we kill off literally everyone so that Martin can make a point that fighting for power is trivial and pointless because we all eventually die. And also because if he keeps dragging ass, commenters on Reddit are going to make up his whole plot for him and where’s the fun in that.

Things we don’t know for sure, some loose ends if you will, are as follows: Gendry’s whereabouts and legitimacy in taking the throne, Lady Stoneheart’s appearance (PLEASE), Brienne and Tormund’s future love, Melisandre’s possible return and/or the story behind her old raggedy ass and more. We have so many characters that it’s hard to return to all of them, but here’s to hoping Arya just kills the lot.

What do you thinks up next? Comment below on your predictions.


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