Shondaland TGIT roundup: Week two

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Welcome to week two! We’re already a little overwhelmed, but Shondaland never really did ease into anything, so let’s get started!

Grey’s Anatomy

Episode two starts off with a bit of tension in “Catastrophe and the Cure,” which to be honest, is a bit of an understatement. Karev is preparing for his trial (hey, I thought the law stuff was supposed be on at 9! Shondaland Jokes! I hate myself), and of course, Meredith Grey is there to pick up the pieces.

The hospital is abuzz with rumors, and Bailey asks George to be a bit of a mole and keep her in the loop. I don’t blame her. It’s getting pretty weird …

Like when Maggie admits she’s having dreams about Riggs and she’s going to ask him out. Newlyweds Owen and Amelia are going to have a housewarming party. Owen invites Maggie and Grey (who invites Karev), and Amelia invites Wilson, who is on her service so she doesn’t have to see Karev. Kepner’s baby is finally allowed to go home, but April has to stay in for wound therapy. Sigh.

More importantly, Karev’s charge has been upped from a misdemeanor to a 2nd degree assault felony. He pleads “not guilty,” but the situation is grim. Along with this, he’s dealing with a former kidney transplant patient experiencing stomach pain. And because we love making things worse on this show, shout out to Murphy’s Law that has probably become the hospital motto, Grey lowkey threatens DeLuca in the elevator while trying to coax him into forgiving Karev.

With the stress coming from all angles, Karev ignores lab updates from his kidney patient, who then goes into septic shock from an appendix rupture. Bailey takes Alex off the case and puts Grey in. Grey invites DeLuca to scrub in to prove a point about her motives. DeLuca witnesses the relationship and compassion Karev has for his patient, but I’m not sure it’ll be enough to change a broken man’s mind.

We're feeling for our girl Wilson this week. Photo courtesy of Twitter

We’re feeling for our girl Wilson this week. Photo courtesy of Twitter

At the dinner party, Grey gives Riggs a warning about Maggie’s feelings and tells him to politely decline. Looks like Meredith hasn’t been so honest about her feelings! Later, Grey and Wilson have a not great conversation about Karev because Grey can’t seem to get a hint about this thing. Then Karev and Wilson have an even worse conversation. Jo finally says what we’ve all been thinking when she hits Karev with the “You called me trash, and you said it so easily. You’re trying to hurt me.” Sorry Karev, but she’s got a point.

We end the episode with Karev getting offered a position in the clinic so he doesn’t get fired, Grey confessing her recent exploits to Karev right before Maggie tells them both that she was rejected by Riggs and Wilson finally going back home.

Next week we have: Angry Arizona and a very complicated love triangle!


How To Get Away With Murder

Episode two is entitled “There Are Worse Things Than Murder,” which seems like an open invitation for an explanation and to that (and the writers) I say, please don’t.

We open back to what I will now refer to as “the fire situation.” Annalise is being questioned and, she is not having it. Why would she burn her own house down? A fair question. Another fair question is, why would she frame her own boyfriend for the murder of her ex-husband and then let her two assistants murder other people?

Anyways. Let’s rewind two months.

Frank is starting to look like Lord Voldermort, which makes sense because murder. Photo courtesy of Twitter

Frank is starting to look like Lord Voldemort, which makes sense because murder. Photo courtesy of Twitter

Annalise is back on her hide-away phone. Frank answers stating that he killed her hitman because “he had to.” She breaks the phone. He frames the guy in a driving accident and blows the car up. Frank is good at this stuff. I am worried. She asks Nate to help her find him, and they pin him in Kansas through an IP address. She mentions that Sam was Frank’s doctor in prison. Let that fun little factoid sink in.

In class, we learn about a parole trial for a woman who murdered her abusive husband and spent 32 years in prison with parole denied six times. Each student presents a case to the client, and she chooses Connor to represent her. While Connor works on the case, Michaela and Asher struggle to define their relationship. The others make an “Annalise’s enemies” list instead of working. Connor is on his own, but I have faith.

Here is a picture of Connor being an actual lawyer instead of, you know, a criminal. Photo courtesy of Twitter

Here is a picture of Connor being an actual lawyer instead of, you know, a criminal. Photo courtesy of Twitter

At the trial, he goes a little off the rails on the jury because the client won’t speak for herself. In the waiting room, he admits to her that he’s murdered someone too and that she needs to be the voice heard. Annalise reprimands him, but gives him some help by getting the sister of the deceased not to make a statement. The client then gives an amazing testimony, and Connor wins what was essentially an impossible case. GO CONNOR. Sadly, when Oliver tries to celebrate with him, they have another episode and Connor moves to Michaela’s (where he finds half-naked Asher.)

Elsewhere, Bonnie gets Laurel drunk so she’ll confess why she keeps calling Frank. She tells her to stop and then her and Annalise get her to leave Frank a very nice and welcoming voicemail. They want her to see her father as well. This sounds like another murder set up, but hey what’s one more crime, am I right?

On campus, the board tries to suspend Annalise because of the investigation getting a bit heightened. You can imagine that this does not go well for them. (She says no.) She later gets a call from Nate to tell her that the Kansas IP address was fake, and that they’ve lost Frank. He volunteers to stay with her.

We round out the night back at the fire situation. Oliver comes running through the crowd in tears. He said he heard there was a body, but Annalise tells him to calm down and slides him something that needs to be completely wiped of its memory. She is then arrested.

What if Frank isn't even the arsonist/murderer? Think about it. Photo courtesy of Twitter

What if Frank isn’t even the arsonist/murderer? Think about it. Photo courtesy of Twitter

So, Oliver is in the clear. But does this mean it’s Connor? Or would Oliver cry over any of the members of the K5 or anyone else? And if it’s Connor, why would he be targeted and/or in Annalise’s house? Does he move in because he doesn’t want to live with Michaela?



Tune in next week for me losing my damn mind


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