New game releases, Sept. 12-19

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There’s a good mix of games coming out this week, from a remaster of Bioshock to a re-imagining of Pac-Man as well as the release of the long awaited ReCore. If none of those sounds appealing to you (for some weird reason), then you can always learn how to make the best conga lines in the world with Conga Master!

Bioshock: The Collection

Nine years ago gamers dived into the world of Bioshock for the first time, now, three games later, we’re able to dive in again, this time with upgraded graphics. All three games are included in the collection, except for the multiplayer portion of Bioshock 2 (you’re not missing out on much, to be honest. Playstation 4 and Xbox One users can purchase the collection Tuesday, with PC players able to upgrade their copies of the games for absolutely no cost.

NHL 17

Another year, another hockey game. With the World Cup of Hockey going on right now, of course that’ll be one of the new game modes available this year. EA’s also touting other regularly upgraded features such as better player control, better AI and more animations. If you don’t get sick looking at a St. Louis Blues player on the cover, you may want to check this out when it releases Tuesday.

Pac-Man Championship Edition 2

Back in the early days of the Xbox 360, publishers were messing around with this fancy new thing Microsoft was calling “Xbox Live Arcade” at the time. Bandai Namco was re-releasing classics like Pac-Man and Dig Dug. In 2007 they took it a step further by releasing Pac-Man Championship Edition, giving players unprecedented options for customizing how the game appears and plays, and including all-new gamemodes and maps. It turned a simple classic into a modern addiction, and in 2010 they followed it up with Pac-Man Championship Edition DX. Now, they’re bringing the series another generation forward with a sequel promising more game modes and more addiction starting Tuesday.


Revealed at E3 2015, this action-adventure shooter follows Joule and her robot companions as they shoot enemies and solve puzzles on an alien planet. Cool concept, right? Well, you may want to hold back on purchasing it just yet, as early reviews have placed the game’s Metacritic score at just 64 percent. It’ll probably be worth at least a rent when it releases on Xbox One and PC (good luck renting it there) Tuesday.

Bonus Round

The Witness, which received an excellent reception when it released on PlayStation 4 and PC in January, is finally making its way to Xbox One Tuesday, so be sure to check out this awesome puzzle game!

Whether you’re at homecoming, prom or a wedding reception, a conga line is bound to break out. So practice leading those lines in Conga Master, releasing Wednesday for PC and coming to consoles early next year. Just be sure to keep up the conga’s momentum (oh, and be on the lookout for hidden rooms and alien ships trying to abduct people in line, too).


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