Best new games of the week

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It’s a short list of video game releases this week, topped by what will likely be the final large piece of DLC for Destiny, as a full sequel is being worked on for next year.

Destiny: Rise of Iron

This piece of downloadable content for a now two year old game promises to expand on the story of Destiny, as well as a volley of high-level content to keep those who have been playing since the beginning entertained. The Plaguelands is a new area of Earth, which has been quarantined for centuries. With Devil Splicers having broken through the walls and finding technology of near-limitless power, guess who gets to take them on? A new strike is also on the way, with it also taking place in the Plaguelands. With both Fallen and Hive duking it, be sure to go in with friends and be sure to stay out of the crossfire. Of course, there’s also new Crucible content, for those PvP lovers out there. Supremacy is a new mode with two teams of six killing each other, but only gaining points by picking up the crests dropped by downed players, so be sure your team is able to get there first! There are also three news Crucible maps coming with the DLC, along with new armor, weapons, customization options and a whole new raid. Destiny: Rise of Iron releases Tuesday, with Destiny: The Collection available the same day and including the base game and all DLC to date.

Wheels of Aurelia

You ever want to just escape it all and drive down the coast of, say, Italy? Well go do it! Then come back and play Wheels of Aurelia and let me know how it compares. This old-school style isometric arcade racer follows the story of Lella as she makes her way down Italy’s west coast in the 1970’s, a decade which filled Italy with terrorism and kidnappings. This story-driven (get it? Because cars!) adventure is told through a number of characters whose motivations are up to the player to find. Wheels of Aurelia releases Tuesday on Steam. Those of you with an Xbox One, Playstation 4 or Wii U can pick this up Oct. 4.

NBA 2K17

Probably the best basketball franchise around, 2K17 promises to up the ante again this year, with improved interfaces, new modes and improved mechanics. From new and improved unique player celebrations to more physical contact between players and expanded MyLeague and MyGM game modes, 2k17 has it all. If you love basketball, this one’s probably worth looking into when it releases on pretty much all consoles (sorry, Wii and Wii U) Tuesday.


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