The bad reviews for Suicide Squad start rolling in

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Just days before Suicide Squad premieres, movie critics, the biggest villains of all are giving their word on the wicked movie. And for a film that’s supposed to make the bad guys look good, it’s not doing so hot. The movie is not even a good kind of bad, according to Vanity Fair. 

For a production that has over 56 million views on its trailer, it’s only received 38 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes average critics review. That means it’s getting an average of 5.4/10 stars from critics.

Today, when talking up the movie to a friend, I told her to watch the trailer. I should have known it is a bad sign about the quality of the movie when after she watched the most current trailer I felt the need to tell her to watch the trailer that was released last year at Comic Con. If I have to tell someone to watch a different version of a movie trailer to get excited about the movie, maybe I am more excited about the cutting of the trailer than the actual movie.

I’ll probably end up seeing it anyway, for a movie lover’s sake. And for Jared Leto. But, that’s besides the point. Or maybe that is the whole point. As long as people are seeing it, do the producers and directors really care about the overall quality of the movie? For the most hardcore fans, I’m sure Suicide Squad might be a huge disappointment. But for the average moviegoer? If they will watch a movie about a mobile app (Angry Birds), they will probably be satisfied enough with this movie.


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