New game releases for the last week of August

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School is back in full swing, and so are video game releases. This week is full of a bunch of games that are worth looking into, whether you love puzzle games, sidescrollers or MMORPGs.

Attack on Titan

Manga fans out there should rejoice! Attack on Titan is finally getting a home console video game! The simply titled Attack on Titan is making its way to North America on Tuesday and promises to retell the story of the anime’s first season while also exploring new adventures. The hack-and-slash third-person experience looks gorgeous, but if the Attack on Titan 3DS game is any indication, you might want to check out some reviews before buying this on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Vita or PC.


The Final Station

This atmospheric 2-D sidescroller puts players in control of a train conductor as you calmly travel along the countrysi — OH MY GOD ZOMBIES! Driving trains from station to zombie-filled station, you need to keep your passengers safe, fend off biters and search for more survivors. Get moving on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac and Linux starting Tuesday.


The Turing Test

If you’re not sick of alien planets because of No Man’s Sky yet, this first-person puzzle game might be for you. You play as an engineer sent to investigate the disappearance of a ground crew on Jupiter’s moon, Europa. Similarly to another popular first-person puzzle game (cough, Portal), upon arriving on the planet you find an artificial intelligence guiding you through a series of tests that appear to have been made by the missing crew. Suckers for puzzle games should look forward to Tuesday when this releases on Xbox One and PC.


Four Sided Fantasy

The screens we play our games on are usually thought of as limiting the potential of games. During a decade where we’re trying a overcome this through the use of virtual reality, Four Sided Fantasy embraces this limit and turns it into a gameplay mechanic. Taking the role of a man and woman each trying to find the other, players can jump through any side of their screen as one character, only to come out the opposite side as the other. The game promises to last about as long as Portal as it goes through four seasons, each with a new quirk to this warp mechanic. Four Sided Fantasy comes to PS4 and PC Tuesday.

World of Warcraft: Legion

The epic MMORPG’s sixth expansion pack releases Tuesday. The expansion raises the level cap from 100 to 110, introduces a new demon hunter class, brings new weapons to the game alongside new raids and a whole new area called The Broken Isles. Although WoW remains king of the MMO genre, the player base has been shrinking. Whether this expansion will be enough to keep people around or even bring back old (or maybe even new) players will be found out soon enough.



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