Cool new games coming out the first week of August

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This week doesn’t feature any blockbuster AAA hits, but it does have plenty of cool gems. Next week brings us the long-awaited No Man’s Sky, so play these games to keep yourself happy until then.

Our Top Picks

Batman: The Telltale Series (Episode One)

Telltale is expanding its development to the Batman universe this time around with another episodic point-and-click adventure. With the game not being intertwined with any currently existing iteration of Batman, the developers have plenty of room to play with as they flesh out the first season’s five planned episodes. The game itself takes place just a few years after Bruce Wayne decides to become Batman, meaning players get to chose what kind of a Batman they want Wayne to be in this universe. Telltale promises players will spend about half the game as Batman and half as Wayne, hopefully giving a good mix of action and investigation when Episode One comes out Tuesday.


Ever dream of cooking a lobster in the middle of a city street? How about a chicken onboard a pirate ship? Okay, me neither, but you might once you play Overcooked! This couch-co-op game takes traditional cooking game mechanics and adds dangerous locations. Rush around the inside of a volcano, frying up french fries on one side and delivering them on the other, as the very land you stand on sinks into lava and balls of fire fly past you. If you’re looking for something to do with those extra controllers you have lying around for your PS4, Xbox One or PC (yes, it’s possible to play splitscreen on PC!), be sure to check this out when it releases Wednesday.

Bonus Round

Cannon Brawl

So who remembers Worms? Cannon Brawl is the same style of game, but instead of the slow and methodic turn-based gameplay, Brawl matches take place in real-time. The combination of massive weapons and real-time strategizing will probably lead to some pretty epic moments as gamers fight through the single player and multiplayer modes. Cannon Brawl has already been out on Steam for a while, but is finally making its console debut on PlayStation 4 on Tuesday.


This Is the Police

Deja vu! This game was originally scheduled to come out July 28 but was pushed back last-minute to this Tuesday. Here’s what we had to say about it last week:

A strategy adventure game, This Is the Police puts the player in control of a police chief in a city on the edge of collapse. As the player manages officers, investigates criminal activity and reacts to emergencies, the city’s mafia is ready to jump at every chance they get and the mayor of the town only looks to expand his political influence. Players will have to chose their actions carefully if they want their character to reach a carefree retirement.



Abzu is a walking simulator where you just kinda chill with the fishies. Donning SCUBA gear, dive into the depths of the ocean and relax as you hold onto the back of a speeding sea turtle or explore flooded ruins. The game doesn’t incorporate an open world into the story, but developer Giant Squid Studios expects PS4 and Windows owners to explore the levels when the game comes out Tuesday.



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