The best new game releases this week

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The summer slouch in games is getting old, but we’re not too far from fall’s amazing triple A games anymore. In the meantime, some smaller developers are helping ease the pain of the drought this week with cool new releases.

We Happy Few (early access)

After seeing the trailer at E3 in June, We Happy Few is a clear must-buy. This survival horror game takes place in a dystopian future in which citizens take “joy,” a pill that increases their happiness. When the player’s character one day stops taking his pill, he begins to see the world as it truly is and must use hand-to-hand combat or stealth to escape the town. Although this game is only coming to early access on Steam on Tuesday, its unique gameplay and take on mental illness put it at the top of this week’s list.



Do you like the style of the ’70s? Do you like robot enemies? Well then, this game is for you! This metroidvania-style game takes place in a world in which humans have moved their minds into robotic bodies and are ruled by computer overlords. Battle your way through these robots and avoid ricocheting projectiles on Playstation 4, PC and Mac starting Tuesday.

This Is the Police

A strategy adventure game, This Is the Police puts the player in control of a police chief in a city on the edge of collapse. As the player manages officers, investigates criminal activity and reacts to emergencies, the city’s mafia is ready to jump at every chance they get to cause trouble, and the mayor of the town only looks to expand his political influence. Players will have to chose their actions carefully if they want their character to reach a carefree retirement. This Is the Police releases on PC, Mac and Linux Thursday.


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