BioShock: The Collection to release in September

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It’s no secret that a BioShock compilation has been on fans’ minds, and rumored to be in the works, for quite some time.

Now, would you kindly join us in savoring the news that it’s finally being released?

BioShock: The Collection is scheduled for a Sept. 13 release in North America. It’ll come with all three parts of the series — BioShockBioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite — as well as all of the downloadable content for each title. The remastered title will be $59.99, and all of the pieces of the previous releases will be available except for the multiplayer option in BioShock 2.

2K Games has already had a big year with some mixed results. Battleborn was a success in its own right despite Overwatch ruling the scene just as it came out. And XCOM 2Mafia III and Civilization VI, the latter two scheduled to release in October, give 2K a ton of selling power in the front part of the fourth quarter of the year.

The question, then, is if 2K has any big plans for the holidays. As of now, few developers and publishers have slated any December release dates, and with the slate it has coming out in October, 2K might be fine with sitting on the sales it’s done this year. This will likely shake itself out by September, but it’s something to keep an eye on.


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