Overwatch tops week’s game releases

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It’s happening! Overwatch is coming out this week and plenty of large titles smartly aren’t coming out right now because of that. But if you’re not into Overwatch, no worries, as indie developers aren’t afraid of releasing their games this week! Check out what’s in store for gamers over the next few days.

Our top pick


Hell f—ing yes. The game that looks to knock Team Fortress 2 off the first person class-based shooter pedestal is nearly here. Choose from up to 21 characters at launch and take on the enemy team in this competitive multiplayer shooter. If you haven’t heard about this one yet, you should for sure check it out when it releases Tuesday. Check out the latest Overwatch animated short below.

Bonus round


Play as an adorable little wizard in this arcade-adventure game as you complete minigames and solve puzzles on your way to escaping a mysterious castle. Lumo will be making its full debut on Steam Tuesday.


This bullet-hell tower defense game puts the player in charge of an upgradable spaceship as you try to stop rogue robots trying to attack friendly colonies. Be sure to check out Excubitor game on Steam starting Thursday.


What happens when an unstoppable object meets literally anything else? Omnibus has your answer. From the graphics to the gameplay, this game does not take itself seriously as it places you at the helm of a bus that simply cannot stop moving. Mow over buildings, graveyards and other vehicles starting Thursday.


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