Blizzard Unveils Free Overwatch Comics

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Guys, Blizzard is going hard this week. Not only is Overwatch, the new multiplayer, first-person shooter that had plenty of people calling out “censorship” when the poses of a certain character were taken out of the game, going into open Beta from May 5 to May 9, but Blizzard also launched a line of free, digital comics to introduce people to the characters of the new game.

The cover of the first Overwatch comic featuring McCree. Image courtesy of Nerdist.

The cover of the first Overwatch comic featuring McCree. Image courtesy of Comixology.

For those who are unaware, Overwatch is about a group of people who have to stand guard over a watch that controls time and who ever controls said watch also controls the time stream and can therefore go back and forth and essentially break all of time to their will, much like how every single Marvel comic has done this exact plot at some point in its tenure.

Jokes! That’s not actually the plot. Overwatch is actually about a group of heroes who have banded together to protect peace around the world. After peace was restored, the heroes disbanded but now war and unrest have resurfaced and its time for Overwatch to dust off their guns, grab some bullets and start shooting people in the face.

This week, in partnership with Dark Horse, Blizzard released its first in a line of digital comics that will be used to introduce a little backstory to each of the heroes that gamers will be able to play. Blizzard’s first book introduced readers/gamers to McCree, the outlaw gunslinger who doles out justice on his own terms. McCree is the futuristic, Wild West  character of this new game and his entrance in the comics is as calm, collected and filled with flying bullets as you would expect of a cowboy.

This comic is pretty much all flash. There is little introduction to who the character is and why he is doing what he is doing. I actually got more of an idea of the character from the description of the comic than I did from the actual book. Nonetheless, the book was filled with lots of action and it depicted a first-person shooter spot on. McCree starts off the comic book just chilling on top of a train (where all the cool kids hang out) and then a bunch of enemies spawn and McCree has no other option but to take them all out. Once he reaches his objection (a glowing, purple crate filled with something ungodly probably) he just chucks it out the door and goes on with his chilling, no questions asked.

Dude is stone cold.

The comic is fun just for the sake of watching some hero duke it out with some enemies with no backstory. Plus, I love to see video games and comics cross into each others medium, I mean what a time to be alive.

This comic is written by Blizzard’s Robert Brooks, a newcomer to comic book writing, with art by Bengal, who is currently working on The Adventures of Supergirl, the comic that ties in with the TV show.

The comic is free and can be picked up at Comixology if you’re getting ready for the release of Overwatch, which is coming later this month, it’s definitely not a waste of money to check out the promotional material for Blizzard’s new game.


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