Fangirl’s Links of the Week: April 11-17

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Blizzard Entertainment was the topic of conversation this week, and not for good reason. But DC Comics got some positive buzz for their latest Harley Quinn series, so things evened out a bit. Check out the links below to catch up on what happened this week.

From Fangirl

Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harleys #1 released April 11. It’s the first of six in a mini series from DC Comics, and although the plot line isn’t quite up to par, the artwork has proven to be phenomenal thus far.

More from the Web

Blizzard Entertainment is causing a major conundrum on the Internet (and Fangirl) for two reasons: changing Tracer’s “Over the Shoulder” pose in Overwatch and removing the Vanilla World of Warcraft fan server.

Tracer’s pose was removed after people complained about lack of censorship, and game director Jeff Kaplan responded. However, the replacement pose was based on that of a pinup girl. Needless to say, that also caused an uproar. If you want a deeper analysis, George Ash explains it more thoroughly.

Why would a company remove a fan-based server? It’s complicated, but here are the basics from Polygon. It’s devastating news for fans and players alike, especially since there was little warning. Jen Smart, one of our editors, wrote about her disappointment this week.


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