What your favorite fanfic site says about you

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There are a ton of fan fiction sites out there in the world, but everyone’s got their favorite. What does your favorite fanfiction site of choice say about you? Well, we’re here to let you know.


You’re new to fanfiction. You just Googled “fanfiction” and clicked on the first result, didn’t you? That’s okay; we all need to start somewhere. You’re probably pretty young, as many of the top fandoms on FanFiction.net are for teen shows or other properties aimed at adolescents. You don’t care about fancy site features; you just want to read your stories.


You’re really into One Direction. You like social interaction. You like incorporating multimedia into your fanfic such as cover images and YouTube clips. You write original fiction as well and want to share it in the same place as your fanfic. You’re always on your phone and want an easy mobile experience. But really, you just love One Direction.

Archive of Our Own

You’ve been reading fanfic for ages. You have very particular fic preferences, and you love that the tagging and filtering system makes it easy to find what you want (or avoid what you don’t want). Trigger warnings are important to you. You’re a librarian; you love the system that brings Castiel/Dean Winchester, Dean Winchester/Castiel, Castiel & Dean Winchester, Cas/Dean, Dean/Cas, Cas Novak/Dean Winchester, Castiel X Dean, Destiel, Supernatural Dean/Cas, every time I read Destiel I am just like “I never wanted to ship this”, and many more tags all together under one big umbrella tag. You’re also really into explicit fanfic porn. You weep when you can only find Teen and Up fic for your one true pairing.


You a visual artist and a writer! You want to be able to post all your creative work all in one place. Connecting with a fandom isn’t as important to you as connecting to other artists.


You value feedback and love reading people’s comments on your fic. You reply to those comments! You don’t care about archiving your work; you care more about community. You cling to that community you’ve built over the years instead of moving to Tumblr. You remember the good old days.


You’re young. You’re hip. You write short drabbles instead of longform fic. You mix meta with your fanfic. You post picspam. You scream and flail or write entire fic in your tags. You reblog other people’s fic and add more (but only with your closest friends). You hate when someone tags their negative posts because you don’t want to see hate in your tracked tags! YOU CARE A LOT AND YOU WRITE IN CAPS or entirely in lowercase.

FictionAlley (Schnoogle, The Dark Arts, Astronomy Tower, and Riddikulus)

Harry Potter was your fanfic gateway drug, and your love for it is still strong. You have Strong Opinions about Cassandra Clare. You’ve probably moved on to AO3 now.


You’re old. Do you even still read fanfic? Do you read anything? Are you dead?

Other fandom/pairing specific archives

You’ve got your one true fandom, and you’re sticking to it.


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