Fangirl’s Links of the Week: March 14–20

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The Division is out, Lionhead Studios is closing and there’s a new series running on our site. We have lots to go over at Fangirl this week. Here’s the rundown:

From Fangirl

  • Gaming editor George Ash sums up the beginning and sudden end of Lionhead, which brought us Black & WhiteFable and a couple not-so-well-known titles. The studio’s timeline is complicated and riddled with near-misses, but it will be remembered for the novelty Fable brought to the games industry — despite some unfulfilled promises.
  • Cofounder Allison Lewis knows all about one of the Midwest’s best film festivals. If you haven’t heard of the True/False Film Fest, well, you need to get educated on it. Here’s a recap of her experience.
  • Our Trailblazers series, which features women in fandom businesses such as comics and gaming. Our first subject is Christina Blanch, the owner of Aw Yeah Comics.
Image courtesy of Ubisoft

The Division’s been subject to lots of Destiny comparisons, but if the games share so many similarities, the criterion for reviewing them should also be similar — and consistent. | Image courtesy of Ubisoft

More from the Web

  • Vince Ingenito of IGN did a fantastic job of contradicting his own review standards in his take on The Division. Redundancy, a lack of randomness and the difficulty of mixing RPG and shooter elements were, apparently, dooming for the title, and they warranted a 6.7. Meanwhile, Destiny — which has most of the same elements and was also much more broken on launch — got a 7.8 from Ingenito. I’m not sure exactly where his head’s at, but as someone who put about 200 hours into Destiny and nearly 100 into The Division as of now, it’s tough to wrap my head around that significant of a difference between launch-week Destiny and The Division. Reviews are, of course, subjective, but criterion should not be. They definitely are in Ingenito’s most recent work.
  • Polygon‘s “Newsworthy” series is worth a look, but this episode has some particular gusto. Tracy Fullerton, the chair of USC’s Interactive Media & Games Division, speaks about the craft in this interview. USC, it should be noted, now has more women than men in its graduate program for game design.
  • As a fan of The 100, I flipped all kinds of shit after the recent killing off of one of the series’ best characters. There were plenty of others in the fandom bothered by it, not just because of the sudden death, but also because of the trappings around it. The LGBTQ community had understandable outrage that Lexa, who had just consummated her relationship with Clarke, was killed almost immediately afterward. Alycia Debnam-Carey, who plays Lexa in the series, said she was surprised by the reaction to the Commander being offed.

That’s all for now. We’ll have more The Division-related content this week as well as a story that took more than 200 hours of “reporting.” You’ll learn more about that one Saturday. Stay tuned.


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