Nintendo unveils two new Pokémon games

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Pokémon Sun and Moon were confirmed as a 2016 holiday release at Friday’s Pokémon Direct, generating excitement and speculation from fans of the series worldwide.

Image courtesy of Nintendo.

Image courtesy of Nintendo.

The day before the announcement, the trademarked logos for the two new 3DS games were leaked from a European trademark request.

This leak, along with the debut of the new Pokémon Magearna, hinted at what would soon be confirmed in the brief Pokémon Direct video celebrating 20 years of Pokémon. Included in the announcement video was an emotional and nostalgic montage depicting the evolution of the Pokémon series from 1996 to now.

The games will be available worldwide in nine languages, now including traditional and simplified Chinese. Another new development is that you’re now able to take your beloved Pokémon from the Red, Blue, and Yellow eShop versions, and transfer them to Sun and Moon through the Pokémon Bank system.

Although fans are currently left wondering about many details of the newest installments, such as the possibilities of new regions and legendary Pokémon, Nintendo promises to reveal more exciting news in due time.


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