Editor’s Letter: My Commercial Confession

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I have a confession to make: whenever the Super Bowl airs, I never really pay attention to the game.

Instead, I take breaks during the game to make sure I’m around for all the commercials — most of which cost millions of dollars — all for a 30-second (or 45 seconds if we’re lucky) laugh. You could say I fangirl over commercials, and I’m guessing I’m not alone in this phenomenon.

CBS has only made this worse by having a section on their website where they will post this year’s commercials and also host commercials from past Super Bowls. Plus, with U-verse, I have the ability to record the game, rewind it and watch commercials again if I choose.

But you know what? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with fangirling over commercials. Or board games, or The Flash or anything else for that matter. In fact, it’s awesome. Why? Because it means that we, as individuals, are passionate about something, so much so that we might even want to share it with others.

For this year’s Super Bowl, I am semi-watching because it will most likely be Peyton Manning’s last big game. And I caught the halftime show solely for Coldplay. (OK, I kind of fangirl over them too, if I’m being totally honest).

But one thing remains the same: I happily sit through all the commercials.


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