Archie comics adds asexuality to its canon

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If you ever wondered why Jughead Jones was always way more into burgers than ladies or gentlemen, it has finally been revealed that Jughead is in fact asexual.

Preview pages for the upcoming issue of Jughead No. 4 on show Jughead talking with fellow classmate Kevin Keller about the dating pool at Riverdale High. In one of the panels, Kevin remarks on Jughead’s asexuality and how he doesn’t understand the struggle of not being able to find a date. Over the past few years, the Archie comics have been working to revamp their image with a more modern telling of the beloved Riverdale characters which has included the addition of Kevin Keller, who was the first openly gay main character in the Archie lineup. Jughead’s canon asexuality is the continuation of the revamping of Riverdale.

Preview pages from the latest issue of Jughead. Image courtesy of Comic Book Resources.

Preview pages from the latest issue of Jughead. Image courtesy of Comic Book Resources.

Asexuality is rarely portrayed in popular media, and Jughead is the first character in the Archie comics to be represented as asexual, though that hasn’t always been the case. Jughead writer Chip Zdarsky talks about Jughead’s newly announced sexuality in an interview with in September:

“There have been iterations of Jughead over the decades where he has been interested in girls, so there’s room to play around if someone is inclined,” Zdarsky says. “For me though, I like an asexual Jughead. That’s more interesting than to me than writing him as just being behind everyone developmentally.”

Of course, asexuality doesn’t always mean someone can’t be romantically attracted to a person of the opposite or same sex, so that does leave room for writers to play around, as Zdarsky said.

The new issue of Jughead with this revelation will be published this coming Wednesday both physically and on digital platforms.



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