‘Her Story’ creator teases fans with details from new game

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Sam Barlow teased his Twitter followers Monday with what appears to be a sequel to his hit game, Her Story, but the creator promises the two storylines are unrelated.

Barlow posted a picture of a one-pager for the game, which is essentially a design document detailing the game. Everything on the document is blurred out except for “Her Story 2-,” so if you want to see what kind of information Barlow has included in the document, check out this introduction on writing a one page pitch.

In another Tweet Barlow clarified that, despite the name given in the one pager, Her Story 2 is more of a spiritual successor than a sequel. He also revealed the successor would involve live-action scenes, much like the original Her Story.

The original Her Story was released last June and lets the player take over an old computer desktop as they search through police interviews of a woman whose husband has gone missing.


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