Fangirl’s Links of the Week: Jan. 25-31

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Another week, another batch of links for our favorite fangirls. Here’s what we wrote, and what we enjoyed, from the tail end of January.

From Fangirl

Real person fiction, an offshoot of fan fiction, might seem strange because it’s about, well, real people rather than fictional characters. But that difference is superficial — and the results of RPF are pretty awesome.

Girls have always been superheroes, but now that’s being made true on the screen and on shelves. Cofounder Mollie Barnes says it best: “it’s about damn time.”

This week’s The Flash featured Reverse-Flash who was in the show with Flash and before this gets too confusing just read the review.

The GLAAD Media Award nominations came out (heh), and some of the comics on the list are among our favorites. Here’s a rundown with more info available from GLAAD at the bottom of the story as well.

Her Story isn’t getting a pure sequel, but its creator has a one-sheet made for, um, something. A game in a similar vein? We’ll find out soon.

Around the Web

If you want a wider look at the GLAAD Media Awards and to look into buying tickets, well, here ya go.

If you haven’t yet, you need. To. Follow. The Jessica Jones Twitter account. Just look at all this beautiful shade:

I’m still not sold on the combat system or the oh-so-shallow look of the plot, but I’m all ears when it comes to Final Fantasy XV news. Polygon’s Owen S. Good reports a launch date should be announced March 30.

Rule No. 1: Never read the comments on IGN’s Facebook/Twitter/anything posts when the story is about cosplay. Do, however, check out this video and the slideshow for some sleek costumes from PAX South. We were worried it’d all be eye candy-type photos, but only a few of the photos are eyeroll-worthy.


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