‘Scream Queens’: Black Friday Recap

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I did not participate in Black Friday this year and according to the 11th episode of Scream Queens named for the fake holiday, that’s probably a good thing.

Chanel and her minions start off the episode planning for a Black Friday shopping spree. Dean Munsch tries to stop them as they head out the door, fresh from a Thanksgiving meal featuring Gigi’s severed head, but they head to the mall anyways.

At the mall, the girls (who are weirdly alone? How did the Red Devil kill an entire mall?) are locked in and approached by the Red Devil. Chanel 3, Chanel 5 and Hester escape, but Chanel attempts a standoff before she’s shot with his crossbow. Denise, newly appointed police chief, and some of her police companions scare him off.

Courtesy of Fox via IMDb

Courtesy of Fox via IMDb

Back at the house after a rough night (there’s been worse Black Friday experiences), Chanel and Grace agree that Dean Munsch has to be the Red Devil, and they plan to poison her. Using puffer fish venom from Hester’s unsurprising pet, they attempt to murder Dean Munsch with a nice mason jar of cider. Of course, they forget that Jamie Lee Curtis is a queen, and she survives.

At the Dickie Dollar Scholars house, Chad questions Pete on why he’s the prominent recipient in Boone’s will. Pete says Boone was his source of info in the Greek realm. Suspicious. Chad offers him a bid, after they declined his interests a few years back, but Pete refuses. Those who refuse bids must duel, but Pete declines this as well. Chad vows he will murder him.

After the cider failed attempt and a talk with Pete, Grace decides killing Dean Munsch is maybe not the best idea, so the girls kick her out of the house. Zayday doesn’t take her side. Grace heads home to check on her dad and finds him talking with Pete, who has information on Gigi. As it turns out, Gigi was not the girl who took the babies, but the sister of the girl who took the babies. Her sister committed suicide, thus giving Gigi a cause to seek revenge.

Chanel and co. plan out murder attempt #2 while Grace is gone. They attempt to freeze Dean Munsch in a cryo chamber. She survives amazingly low temperature for 27 minutes – insert joke about cold heart – and the girls are yet again flustered. Chanel’s final plan is to meet the Dean at the pool and drown her, ridding her of, what Hester has called, her Rasputin-like powers. The girls are too busy underwear shopping (been there) to come to Chanel’s aid, and the Dean walks out of the pool after serving Chanel a nice cold dish of “how stupid do you think I am?”

At the dorms, Pete begins frantically packing while taking a very suspect phone call. Saying things like “we need to get away while we still can,” “the point has been made,” “I feel guilty” and “we’ve taken it far enough,” has got me all like “I knew we shouldn’t have forgotten about him after he fooled us all with that great McConaughey impression.” Cut to the Red Devil costume in the closet. OF COURSE HE WASN’T THE MASCOT. WHAT JOURNALIST HAS TIME TO BE A MASCOT?

Grace arrives at his room to woo him to find him packed because he’s a terrible boyfriend. She tries to confess her love and he’s like “lol don’t I’m a murderer.”

*Brain explodes*

So what do we know now?

Pete is involved somehow. That sucks a whole bunch, and his lack of screen time should have probably been a larger hint. However, if Nick Jonas/Boone/Joaquin Phoenix is dead and Gigi is dead, then that means a fourth person is in cahoots. Were the babies both boys instead? Or is the sister still out there? Pete and Wes seem pretty chummy and Wes is the dad of the bathtub babies, so is it maybe him?

Courtesy of Fox via IMDb

Courtesy of Fox via IMDb

Zayday and Dean Munsch were the only ones that knew the girls would be at the mall so what about them? Chanel only noticed that Dean Munsch knew where they were going, but Zayday was on the couch the whole time. Is this a clue? We thought Zayday wasn’t the killer as she had been kidnapped and hit on by Boone, but maybe she’s included in a different way.

Of course, any of the Chanels could still be involved, though Chanel getting shot by the crossbow might count her out. If Pete was the one with the crossbow, that still means Hester could be the female child.

In conclusion, this show is the worst and by worst I mean best, and I’m just bitter that I am not a talented, inference-making detective. One point for Ryan Murphy.


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