Gift ideas for fan fiction writers and readers

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Not sure what to get for the fan fiction writer in your life? We’ve got some ideas!

For those who want fan fiction in their fiction


Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

St. Martin’s Griffin


Click here to buy Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

When they need to stay up to finish that next chapter… and the next…

Fandom signature blend teas

Adagio Teas

$10 for 3oz. pouch

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I Ship It mug



Click here to buy the I Ship It mug

For when they finally go to bed after a late night reading Destiel fic


Supernatural Castiel body pillow

Hot Topic


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For those who write by hand


Doctor Who weeping angel floating pen

Hot Topic


Click here to buy the weeping angel pen


Hogwarts writing quill

Harry Potter Shop


Click here to buy the Hogwarts writing quill

To get through writer’s block


Ready, Set, Novel! Writer’s Workbook

Chronicle Books


Click here to buy the workbook


Firefly magnetic prose

Think Geek


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