Folgers holiday commercial inspires fan fiction writers

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Merry Christmas to those who celebrate! You, my dear Fangirl readers, are my present this year.

If you’re not familiar with it, “You’re my present this year” comes from a holiday themed Folgers commercial which has now spawned 18 pieces of fanfic on the Archive of Our Own. (Yes, people write fanfic for all kinds of commercials!) The fic is pretty incestuous, so reader be warned, but I just wanted to share with you all the knowledge that yes, Folgers fanfic exists. You’re welcome.

If you’d rather skip the Folgers fanfic, you can instead take a look at this year’s Yuletide stories. Yuletide is a yearly fic exchange in which writers write a story in a lesser-known fandom in exchange for one of their own request. This year’s fic gets posted today, December 25!

For Christmas-themed fanfic, check out the Christmas tag on AO3. Or take a look at fic based on A Christmas Story or A Christmas Carol on Happy reading!


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