‘Daredevil’ Returns to the Marvel Universe

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Matt Murdock is back from his brief hiatus with a bit of retconning and a brand-spankin-new costume to boot. The “Man with No Fear” returns to the Marvel comics universe as part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel comics line that has already started up even though we still haven’t seen the official ending of the Secret Wars event.

Daredevil returns with a killer costume and a new apprentice in this cover by Ron Garney. Image courtesy of PREVIEWSWorld.

Daredevil returns with a killer costume and a new apprentice in this cover by Ron Garney. Image courtesy of PREVIEWSWorld.

This new Daredevil series is written by Charles Soule with art by Ron Garney and features Matt Murdock/Daredevil back in New York City and working as an Assistant District Attorney. We also see that Daredevil is working with a new apprentice named Samuel Chung, who is known as the hero Blindspot due to his ability to turn invisible and kick some major ass. While the unmasking of Daredevil as Matt Murdock and his eventual disbarment that happened under writer Mark Waid’s run of the series has been retconned, there is still an inherent connection between the two characters in the “real world.” Matt specifically says that he hires Daredevil out to do his work and Foggy mentions that Matt did something specifically not good to make people forget that he was Daredevil. More on that to come, I assume?

The book itself is a strong start to a new series with a new writer. We get a sinister new enemy that emerges at the end of the book and Soule wastes no time with exposition to bog down the book. He expects you to know the basics going right into the issue and takes no prisoners as he starts off his story. The characterizations Soule brings to the table are strong and consistent and somewhat new. He even says in one panel that Matt is no longer the defense attorney everyone knows him as, but he’s here to put the darkness back in its box and leave it locked up. Soule’s tone for Daredevil seems like it wants more of an edge and it could potentially work if he goes about it the right way.

The art in this book is TO DIE FOR. I was in love pretty much from the start. Garney has a strong feel for action and his monochromatic color schemes make the book feel tighter and closed in, which totally plays into the whole blind thing for Matt Murdock. We even start to see some nods toward the Netflix mini-series as some of the panels do have the hint of that really adorable face Charlie Cox would make as Matt Murdock. You know the one I’m talking about.

That stupid smirk haunts me. Image courtesy of Independent UK.

That stupid smirk haunts me. He totally knows how attractive he is. Image courtesy of Independent UK.

Daredevil‘s return to the MarvelU is exciting and great to look at for many reasons and even though Soule has retconned some of Waid’s work, I’m not opposed to at least see where this story direction will lead.


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