‘Scream Queens’: Thanksgiving recap

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I am usually an overwhelming supporter of Thanksgiving, mainly because I like to eat and then not move until Christmas, when I eat again and don’t move until New Years Eve.

Shout out to Hester and her bedazzled neck brace for ruining that one.

On the 10th episode of Scream Queens, cleverly titled “Thanksgiving,” we see how the characters take on the holiday despite having lived in a horror movie for the past semester.

The episode opens with Chanel attempting to show Chad Hester’s dead body in the meat locker. In a shocking twist of events, she’s not there. I’m not sure why we haven’t figure this out yet or how Chanel didn’t notice her breathing while dragging her down there, but what do I know about murder right?

Hester, unlike the other inhabitants of the meat locker, is definitely alive.

Chanel heads to the Radwells’ for Thanksgiving (along with Radwell brother Chad Michael Murray among others!!!!!!!!) Chanel #3 attempts to go home, but is disgusted by her families’ affinity for TV dinners in recliners and her dad’s necessity to drink because Jay Cutler is starting for the Bears (same). She heads back to Kappa where she finds Dean Munsch utilizing the kitchen — along with Grace and Zayday, who felt wrong leaving the house empty. Wes, who has been abandoned by Gigi, and Chanel #5, whose family went to the Maldives, also join.

Chad Michael Murray (!!!) as Brad Radwell in Scream Queens. Photo courtesy of PopSugar.com

Chad Michael Murray (!!!) as Brad Radwell in Scream Queens. Photo courtesy of PopSugar.com

Meanwhile, the Red Devil spends an hour with Gigi in a hotel eating quail to cover up his/her alibi. Hmm.

At the Kappa house, the group plays a game of “I know who the murderer is!” Dean Munsch guesses Chanel #3. Chanel #3 accuses Dean Munsch. Wes accuses his own daughter. Pete accuses Wes. Each has reasons that seem frankly supported, yet others in the room come to their aid. Grace is seen talking to the Red Devil, but it turns out it was just Pete in costume. Chanel #3 was seen running up the back stairs during the chainsaw incident, but she’s just poop shy! Aren’t we all.

At the Radwell’s, Hester shows up to announce the planting of Chad’s seed, which is taken less than great. The family hates both Chanel and Hester, forcing them to play a game of Pictionary where the first word is “neck brace whore.” Obviously, not the children’s version. Chanel apologizes to Hester and they ditch the house, leaving Chad single and the family incredibly insulted.

Back at the Kappa house, Pete shares that Wes is the father of the babies in the bathtub. WHAT. Wes swears he didn’t know, and he and Grace resolve to finish unmasking the killer.

Photo courtesy of EOnline.com

Photo courtesy of EOnline.com

Chanel and Hester return for dinner and Tiburon, the “pardoned” turkey, is ready. Chad shows up to dinner (how is everyone getting everywhere so fast?) to eat turkey with Chanel. Unsolved murder really brings people together!

In another super fun twist of events, there is no turkey. Only Gigi’s head.

So what do we know now?

Gigi was killed with the turkey carver in the hotel room by the supposed female baby child person what have you, in what is a very modern version of Clue. The Red Devil could only stay for an hour with Gigi to keep up with the alibi. Why were they in a hotel room to begin with?

Hester is still alive and mentally unstable so all signs might point to her, but when would she have transported the head to the house? She was sharpening the knife so it’s plausible she had time to make a switcheroo, but wouldn’t anyone else have seen? Chanel is also a little unstable. The same thing could’ve gone for her.

But considering both Chanel and Hester had intentions of being gone, would the head still have made the dinner table?

Grace and Zayday seemed to be at the house all day, not leaving time for them to be at the hotel, but maybe we are missing something. Chanel #3 and #5 both went home, but we only see what #3 was up to. Chanel #5’s day was a bit of a mystery. Chanel #5 isn’t accused in the fun game of, “Hey you’re a murderer,” but does that leave her innocent?

I somehow feel further away from an answer than I was last week. I’m leaning towards Hester, as she has an affinity for murder, dead people and the word “flesh,” but something tells me I’m probably missing something. What do you think?


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