Rocket League takes on the Wasteland in new DLC … No, not that wasteland.

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New DLC and some free content for soccer-racing game Rocket League was announced Wednesday via PlayStation Blog.

The free content of the update will include new music and cosmetic items, as well as a free new arena, this time featuring different terrain than the other arenas found in Rocket League. Wasteland not only widens the play area and moves the location of boost power ups, it slopes the ground along the edge of the arena, which is sure to create new strategies and ruin old ones.

Among the paid DLC ($3.99 USD) are cosmetic items like new vehicles, decals and paint schemes, as well as new wheels, rocket trails, toppers and antennas. Of course, for the PlayStation crowd, five new trophies also come with the Chaos Run DLC, though I imagine those will translate over to Steam Achievements for PC gamers.

Psyonix also promises to add more changes like those found in Wasteland to future maps, but didn’t reveal what exactly they’re planning. December is bound to be a busy month for Rocket League as a free ice hockey mode is also planned to be released.

Our take: Rocket League is absolutely amazing, but its lack of map variety is crazy noticeable. The addition of mutators earlier this month helped spice up the game, but new map designs are going to be a major part of what keeps players coming back to this game over the next year.


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