Fangirl’s Links of the Week Nov. 16 – Nov. 22

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We at Fangirl like to make your life a bit easier, and we like to read stuff, too. So we’ve put together a list of links to our stories and to stories from around the web. Here are Fangirl’s Links of the Week for Nov. 16 through Nov. 22.

From Fangirl

Assistant gaming editor Amy Davidson made a guide to Fallout 4’s settlement management system to help new players get the most out of their ramshackle settlements in the Commonwealth Wasteland.

To help fans make the most of the final Hunger Games movie, Fangirl co-founder Mollie Barnes put together some costume ideas so they could attend the premiere of Mockingjay, Part 2 dressed as Katniss, Peeta or Effie.

Need your fill of violence, horror and rural-Kentucky folklore? Then check out our preview of Vertigo Comic’s new series The Dark & Bloody, including a glimpse at the cover of the first issue.

Murder, betrayal, fake beards and fashion — what else is new on FX’s Scream Queens? Peak at Natalie Maggiore’s recap of the latest episode, “Ghost Stories,” to keep track of all the characters that may or may not be one of the killers.

Gaming editor George Ash took a peek at Rocket League’s new DLC and free content, which will bring some much-needed variety to the hectic sports/racing hybrid with a brand new map: Wasteland.

Around the Web

Have you ever wondered which video game characters rank among the richest? Do you lie awake at night imagining what their soirees must be like? IGN’s list of the wealthiest video game characters can help put some of these questions to rest, although the parties at the Croft Mansion are still left to our imaginations.

It’s been a weekend of tough choices for fans of streaming television, as two huge new series — the superheroic noir Jessica Jones and the alt-history thriller The Man in the High Castle were added to Netflix and Amazon Prime, respectively. Luckily, the AV Club is binge-watching both series and reviewing the episodes as they go. You can check their Jessica Jones coverage here, and their reviews of The Man in the High Castle here.

The fine folks at GameSpot have searched high and low on the Internet to bring you the best video game deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Because if you’re wading into a sea of unruly holiday shoppers, you best come with a game-plan.

Appropriately filed to “THIS IS AWESOME,” io9 blogged about a new comic anthology “by and about female gamers” entitled Chainmail Bikini. Forty artists contributed to the series, which covers everything from table-top RPGs to collectible card games to massively multiplayer online games.

That’s all for this week. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving, everyone.


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