Anna Kendrick, Cara Delevingne usher in new era in adrenaline game advertising

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Remember those Doritos-Call of Duty combo commercials that were about the most broish thing in the history of bro-dom? The ones that seemed to neglect that women do, in fact, play first-person shooters and action games? The ones that made me, as a man, cringe, and probably did even worse for female gamers?

Those are a thing of the past.

We founded this site on the premise that game publishers and the fandom industry as a whole would eventually catch up to its audience, which is ever-approaching a 50-50 split in women to men. As you might have noticed in the past couple of months, women have had places in game advertising that they hadn’t found before, and they’re also getting in on lead role action and split roles with traditionally male characters (see: Linkle, an awfully named female version of Link who still creates some intrigue).

The upcoming Deus Ex title features female minions to go with male foes. Horizon: Zero Dawn, Mirror’s Edge CatalystRise of the Tomb Raider — the list of women in big roles in high-profile AAA titles continues to grow.

Now, even games we expected to bro so hard in both advertising and gameplay have caught on as well. Anna Kendrick and other women roll deep in this awesome and quirky Star Wars: Battlefront trailer, which came back into the forefront following the game’s release.

And wait. “You don’t know ’bout Cara?” Cara Delevingne goes more Beast Mode than Marshawn Lynch in this one, literally blasting a dude off-screen and then dual-wielding her way into our hearts. On top of that, you can finally play as a woman in CoD.

Here’s to seeing a lot more of this as we roll toward the holiday season. If Activision and Electronic Arts can get in on the act, any developer or publisher can.


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