‘Marvel Zombies’ Fan Trailer Kills It. Literally.

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Alright zombie fans, who wants to see the death of the Avengers? One fan really wanted to see some zombification of the Marvel Universe and came out with a fan-made trailer for the Marvel mini-series, Marvel Zombies. The trailer is pretty badass and it’s just in time for the creepiest holiday of them all, Halloween.

Marvel Zombies is a five-issue comic series that was published from December 2005 to April 2006. In this series, the Marvel superheroes are all infected with the zombie virus and essentially eat everyone on Earth. The original series was a spin off from the “Crossover” event of Ultimate Fantastic Four, where the Fantastic Four crossed to Earth-2149 which is lousy with zombies. The series follows the zombie heroes as they try to find a new food source since they ate LITERALLY everyone. These heroes are so ravenous they are even able to eat Galactus. That giant purple guy who eats worlds. Yeah, he gets eaten by the zombies and then the zombies become Galacti and go off and devour the populations of alien planets. It’s a little messed up.

Anyway, YouTube user Alex Luthor created a fan-made trailer that combines the Avengers, X-Men, Deadpool and Spider-Man in one universe (you know, like it’s supposed to be) and shows the zombie virus taking over Earth as the heroes gear up to take a final stand against the zombie scourge. Really though, we all know how this movie would end. Hint, it’s in the synopsis of the series above.

Check out the fan-trailer below!


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