When Will Rumors About Wonder Woman Start Coming Out?

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Earlier today, Comicbook.com reported on a rumor that Warner Bros. Studios are looking to focus the new Batman v. Superman movie more on Ben Affleck’s Batman rather than focus the movie as a “pseudo-sequel” to Man of Steel. 

Comicbook.com reported that Affleck is apparently stealing the movie, so they plan on capitalizing on what is working within the movie. While this makes total sense, I’m still left wondering where and how Wonder Woman will fit into the movie.

When the trailer for this upcoming superhero move was announced, Wonder Woman’s part of it was pretty awesome, albeit extremely short. The audience only saw her for about three seconds where she essentially devastates a city block by slamming her gauntlets together. While she’s not getting billing for the movie, it was still an incredibly exciting moment for many comic book fans when she was announced to be a part of the movie. Wonder Woman is considered part of the “Trinity” of heroes in DC’s lineup, and her rogues-gallery reads like a who’s-who of Greek mythology — i.e. she’s fighting literal gods. This is a woman that will kick all kinds of ass in this upcoming movie, and we aren’t getting any information about her part. Brian Azzarello’s run of Wonder Woman, now on issue No. 30, has been critically acclaimed and easily been one of the brightest stars on DC’s comic lineup.

It’s understandable that the Warner Bros. is capitalizing on Batman’s part in the movie. Batman has some crazy popularity with the Arkham games launching its fourth installment this past year and the wide popularity of the comic books over at DC.  Also, since this Batman has nothing to do with the Christopher Nolan version of Batman, it does make sense to give him a little bit more screen time. He hasn’t appeared in the DC movie universe. But neither has Wonder Woman, and right now all we want is some rumors about the most powerful woman in the DCU.

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