Janelle Monáe proves we need more Janelle Monáe in Star Wars

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Actual android Janelle Monáe has upped her Sci-Fi cred once again, featuring in CoverGirl’s new Star Wars-themed makeup line as the most fabulous Resistance Pilot since Biggs Darklighter’s mustache.

Monáe rocked an orange jumpsuit (The Venture Bros. might call it a speedsuit) reminiscent of resistance pilot’s uniforms from the original Star Wars trilogy. With her signature updo, Bonheur Jewelry’s “Zana” earcuff and makeup designed by Pat McGrath, Monáe’s Resistance Fighter personified CoverGirl’s “beauty force” campaign. Monáe featured along with models styled as Star Wars characters like a Jedi and Dark Apprentice.

@janellemonae at the @covergirl x @starwars event tonight ⭐️ cc: @patmcgrathreal #beautyforce A photo posted by jade taylor (@jadextaylor) on

Monáe is no stranger to science fiction; just ask Cindi Mayweather, her messianic android alter-ego. A time-traveling defender of freedom and love, Cindi Mayweather stars in Monáe’s concept series based on Fritz Lang’s classic silent film Metropolis. Monáe has released five of the series’ seven parts.


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The sheer awesomeness of Janelle Monáe’s role in CoverGirl’s new Sci-Fi line proves we need her in everything Star Wars. It might be too late to get her into The Force Awakens, but don’t forget we are on the threshold of the great third-coming of Star Wars. Monáe could feature as a hero character in the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront. There might even be time to get her into the spinoff movie, Rogue One. She’s already qualified as a Resistance Fighter, after all.


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