5 badass women who would be right at home at Hell’s Club

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Would you believe there is a night club where you can see Tony Montana face off against the Terminator, where Obi Wan Kenobi could run into Renton from Trainspotting and Tom Cruise from Collateral could order a drink made by Tom Cruise from Cocktail? It turns out there is and it’s called Hell’s Club.

Youtuber ANTONIO MARIA DA SILVA put together this crazy mashup of club scenes from various films to result in the craziest celebrity bar fight anyone has ever seen. But there is one small problem. There is a significant lack of women, outside of Sharon Stone grinding on Michael Douglas from Basic Instinct, brief appearances by Rollergirl from Boogie Nights and Trinity from The Matrix. So, in an effort to rectify that, here are five badass ladies who I think would be right at home at Hell’s Club.

Beatrix Kiddo AKA The Bride

Uma Thurman’s protagonist from both volume’s of Kill Bill has proven she is more than capable of handling herself in a fight. Not only did she literally punch her way out of her own grave, but she also managed to take down a contingent of ninjas called “The Crazy 88.” I think that more than qualifies her for a spot at Hell’s Club.

Ramona Flowers

Though Mary Elizabeth Winstead‘s Ramona Flowers doesn’t spend much of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World fighting, her dance floor fight with Roxy Richter is more than memorable. Her bag of infinite storage keeps her ready for battle anytime and anywhere. Hell’s Club seems like the kind of place just hip enough for her to hang out.

Natasha Romanov AKA Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson‘s reformed Russian spy has been to seedier places than Hell’s Club and dealt with even sketchier people in the criminal underbelly of the world. This is the kind of place she would unwind after saving the world yet again, even if she still needs to break a few superhuman barfights.


In a club full of social chameleons ranging from robot assassins to Cuban drug kingpins, there isn’t any doubt in my mind that Jennifer Lawrence‘s Mystique would blend right in at Hell’s Club, just so long as she doesn’t accidentally sit down next to Bill Stryker. Then things might get ugly.

Buffy Summers

When she isn’t busy fighting off all sorts of demons and vampires in the Hellmouth of Sunnydale, California, Sarah Michelle Geller‘s Buffy has been known to frequent the local nightspots. Hell’s Club seems like the perfect place for her because sometimes even vampire slayers need to have a good time. Especially if that good time also involves fighting some sort of evil force, and believe me, Hell’s Club has many of those.


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