Star Wars: Battlefront looks as awesome as expected

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LOS ANGELES — The finale of Electronic Arts’ showcase gave chills to the crowd.

With the help of the Frostbite engine EA’s been hyping, Star Wars: Battlefront was able to pull off both an intricate, graphically amazing experience along with incredible scope and opportunities in battle. You can be an infantry unit. You can pilot an AT-AT. You can be in the plane that ropes up and takes down an AT-AT. You can be Luke Skywalker, or Darth Vader, or any number of characters you can imagine.

This game has everything we expected and more. Much more. That isn’t an overstatement.

“We’re still only beginning to see what Frostbite can do,” EA Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore says, “but the results so far are completely stunning.”

DICE, the primary developer for Battlefront, presented the gameplay demo. Sigurlína Ingvarsdottir, a senior producer, showed us a sprawling map ravaged by laser fire while describing the play experience. There will be multiplayer options from eight players to 40 online combatants in the same space. The footage shown was pre-alpha testing, yet it looked and sounded authentic.

This had a feel just like that of the Star Wars movies, a difficult feat to accomplish given how iconic and intricate the designs of each piece of Star Wars lore are.

“We’ve gotten amazing access from our partners at LucasArts,” Ingvarsdottir says. “When you fly an X-Wing, it’s a real X-Wing.”

The gameplay trailer cycles through playing as the Empire and Rebel forces, and it includes first- and third-person play across all the different characters, from infantry to that gigantic AT-AT unit. It ends with Darth Vader choking out some poor infantry sap and Luke entering the battlefield. The clash is imminent, and then the screen goes black.

Such a tease, EA. You know how to grab our attention.

Battlefront releases Nov. 17. Check out five minutes of gameplay below.


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